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What is Volatility of fuel?
Volatility is the vapour forming characteristic of the fuel.
Does fuel with a lower octane rating or a higher octane rating burn faster?
Fuel with a lower octane rating burns faster.
What are 3 main causes of vapour locking?
High Altitude,
Turbulence / sloshing of tanks
Bends in fuel lines
What was the boost pump designed for?
Preventing vapour locking.
What are the 4 main causes of Detonation?
High Temperatures,
High Pressures,
Lean Mixture,
Lower octane ratings.
What are the 5 symptoms of detonation?
Running Rough,
High Temperatures,
Loss of power,
Pinking Sound,
Black smoke
What should you do if detonation occurs?
Reduce Power,
Enrichen the mixture,
Increase airspeed (cooling)
What are the 3 main causes of Pre Ignition?
Carbon Hotspots,
Feathered / Worn Valves,
Overheated Spark Plugs.
What are the 4 symptoms of Pre Ignition?
Loss of Power,
Running Rough,
Engine carries on running.
What does PLANK stand for when talking about IHP?
P = Pressure
L = Length of Stroke
A = Plan Area
N = No of Strokes
K = No of Cylinders
How fast does the camshaft turn in relation to the crankshaft?
The camshaft turns at half the speed of the crankshaft.
What is a performance Rating?
The the fuel grade is greater than 100 it is known as a performance rating.
What are the 3 different types of fuel tanks?
Integral (sealed cavity),
Rigid (main structure).
When parking (especially on a slope) what position should the fuel selector valve be in?
The fuel selector valve should be in the off position to prevent cross-feed causing an overflow of fuel.
The fuel system is to supply what percentage of demand fuel to the carburettor?
150% of peak demand.
What are the two different types of fuel systems and what wing arrangements are they used for?
Gravity fed - High wing
Pressure feed - Low wing
What is the difference between cross-flow and cross-feeding?
Cross-Flow = Tank to Tank
Cross-Feed = Tank to Engine
What are the 4 main functions of boost electric pumps?
Supply in emergencies,
Purge vapour locks,
Provide fuel under pressure,
Prime cylinders for starting
If the fuel pressure gauge is reading low what actions should you take?
Turn on boost pump,
Check tank selection.
What 2 actions should you take when changing fuel tanks?
Switch boost pump on,
monitor fuel pressure gauge.
How does a supercharger enable better power at altitude?
Superchargers increase manifold pressure by increasing mass airflow to the engine.
What are the 2 types of supercharger boost and which can you overboost?
Ground boosted,
Altitude boosted (overboost).
What is a turbochargers function?
A turbocharger maintains sea leve power during the climb and maximises volumetric efficiency by providing high-pressure air to the intake manifold.
What are the 2 types of turbocharger systems?
Fixed wastegate (overboost),
Variable wastegate.
What is the main disadvantage of superchargers?
They weigh alot.
What is Electromotive Force (EMF) also known as?
What are the 6 ways EMF can be generated?
1. Friction
2. Pressure
3. Heat
4. Light
5. Chemical
6. Magnetism
What are 2 advantages and disadvantages of DC Generators?
Turns freely, acts as starter motor.
Heavy and power depends on RPM
How do you make a generator produce DC current?
Replace the slip rings with split rings (commutators).
Do alternators require a rectifier or an Inverter?
A rectifier to convert Ac to Dc.
What is alternator excitation?
An alternator requies a current before it can produce any electricity (excitation), so don't bother prop swinging alternator aircraft.
What is a stator and a rotor in an alternator?
Stator = Stationary Loop
Rotor = Rotating Magnet
Is unbalanced generator operation acceptable? (with dual generators)
No, one will feed the other causing damage.
How long should a circuit breaker be allowed to cool once tripped?
2-3 minutes.
How many resets are allowed of a circuit breaker?
What is shielding of wires?
Enclosing wires in metal casing to prevent high frequency interference.
What is bonding?
Ensuring that all aircraft parts are joined electrically.
What are 5 advantages of Nicad Batteries?
Faster Starts,
Longer Life,
Recharge more quicky,
More efficient in extreme temp
High power to weight ratio.
What is Hydraulic Locking (acid battery)?
Where the demand on the battery exceeds the chemical reaction, the battery seems flat.
What are the 3 functions of the magnetos?
1. Generation,
2. Timing,
3. Distribution in sequence.
When there is a spark are the breaker points open or closed?
The breaker points will be open.
What is a condenser another name for?
A condenser is another name for a capacitor. (Blocks DC but AC passes)