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1 shot espresso, hot milk and steamed milk froth, dusted with choclate powder, served with a teaspoon
1 shot espresso, hot milk, and a dollow of froth, served with a teaspoon
cafe au lait
2 shots espresso, hot milk and hot froth, served in an 11 oz mug with an iced teaspoon
cafe latte
1 shot espresso, two tablespoons hershey's, hot milk, hot froth, served in an 11oz mug with an iced teaspoon
cafe mocha
2 shots espresso over ice, cold milk, hot froth, dusted with chocolate powder, served with straw and iced teaspoon
iced cappuccino
2 shots over ice, two tablespoons hershey's, cold milk, hot froth, served with straw and iced teaspoon
iced cafe mocha
twisted colada QS and options
wonder tropical drink with your choice of raspberry puree, strawberry or mango. Options are raspberry puree, strawberry or mango
what prominent, non alcholic flavors are present in all mojitos
fresh mint, lime, sierra mist, club soda
what four liquors are in the top shelf long island
kettle one vodka, beefeater, bacardi, chambard
Cosmopolitan QS
Chilled martini with a hint of cranberry juice
Mai Tai QS
Rum based fruity drink
What two liquors make a apple martini reen
midori, sour apple pucker
cherry lime sparkler predominant liquor
three olives cherry vodka
name the three beers on tap and 4 in bottles
coors light, fat tire, blue moon.

corona, heineken, budweiser, coorslight
what are the four vodkas available from the bar
kettle one, skky, greygoose
what are the two bottled waters?
pelligrino, fiji
Chateau st. michelle varietal, body, and other notes
riesling, light bodied, very sweet apple and peach
kendal jackson varietal, body, and other notes
chardonay, light bodied
blackstone varietal, body and other notes
merlot, medium bodied, black berry, cherry nutmeg
yellow tail shiraz varietal and body
red spicy, light bodied