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Torsion Balance
Measure solids 6mg-120gm
Calibrated pharmacy weights
sample on left weights on right
Pharmacy Scale
used for larger amounts of solid material
Measured in Volume
Graduated Cylinder
medium to large valume of liquids, glass cylinder read from bottom of meniscus
measure small volumes
measure at point at which black ring closest to the tip touches the barrel
Cap wavier
Non-Locking cap waiver must be signed for all new RX
Brown bottles
Block room and natural light from causing chemical reactions in the RX bottle
Glass bottles
Some medications react to plastic must use glass
Phenergan cough syrups
extemporaneous compounding
no written directions for the compounding process. Must be done by pharmacists
Bulk Compounding
written protocol
made in qty required for a single treament course of an indvidual patient may be done by tech
Bulk manufacturing
makes enough for several treatments and more than one patient. may be done by tech because wrtten directions
RX Label
1. Name address telephone of Dispensing pharm
2. Date of filling
3. Initials or name of the filling pharmacisit
4. Patient's name
5. Complete instructions for use
6. Drug name and strength
7. qty contained in bottle
8. doctor's name
Auxiliary labels
help patient take RX correctly. ie take with food, keep refrigerated (not required by law)
Package Inserts
FDA requires that some medication have a more complete explanation of potential side effects Estrogen !!!
Unit Dose
each unit packaged individualy
Unit Dose Labeling
1. generic name
2. brand name if applicable
3. manufacturer
4. strength
5. manufacturer lot number
6. expiration date
Large Volume Parentreal
run over extended period of time
Small volume Parentreal
short time and piggy backs
Parenteral Labeling
1. Patients name 2. patient location and room# 3. patient billing number 4. date and time IV made 5. initials of pharmacisit 6. base fluid of IV and volume 7. name of any additives and amount 8.intended time of admin 9. ordered rate of admin (dosing) 10. expiration date and time 11. space for initials of person whom starts IV 12. space for time IV starts
most require refergieration. Warmed to room temp before administration.
Nitroglycerin IV's
dispensed with specially designed IV sets
Nitroprusside Sodium
Extremly sensitive to light wrapped in light blcoking material such as Foil