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Variations between really high and normal blood pressures depending on position of body or exercise?
Pheochromocytoma- They may have flashing, headaches, palpitations caused by epinephrine secretion. A norepi secreting pheochromocytoma would cause more asymptomatic htn
Carey Coombs murmur
Rumbling mid-diastolic murmur heard during an acute episode of rheumatic fever.
you hear an Opening Snap
Mitral Stenosis
- will also have an accentuated S1 sound
You hear a mid-systolic click
Mitral valve prolapse
You see vegetations on a valve
Think bacterial endocarditis. It could be NBTE (usually from adenocarcinoma)
What tests point to heart failure
Hepatojugular reflex, Neck vein distension, hepatomegaly, peripheral edema
What does S4 mean?
there is less compliance of left ventricle. The LA has to contract to push blood into LV because of higher diastolic pressure there.
Crescendo-decrescendo murmur in systole
Aortic stenosis
Short diastolic murmur
could be aortic regurgitation
Single second heart sound
could have a calcified aortic valve so you are not hearing it close. you are only hearing P2
Midsystolic click followed by crescendo-decrescendo murmur
Mitral valve prolapse
-often there is a history of palpitations
-prolapse of anterior leaflet and murmur is transmitted to axilla
-prolapse of posterior leaflet and murmur is transmitted to the middle of the precordium
-"P" mitrale is amplified
-Can die suddenly
-Most common consequence is mitral regurg
Known IV drug user with shortness of breath and fever
Think right-sided bacterial endocarditis

-very acute endocarditis think staph aureus. it can attack and destroy valve quickly
-hemorrhage under nails is common in endocarditis