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Define sterilization
Destruction of all living organisms & spores on an object (generally applied to inanimate objects)
Define Disinfection
Destruction of all vegetative forms of organism, but NOT spores (typically refers to inanimate object)
Define antiseptic
an agent capable of preventing infection by inhibiting growth f infectious agents (generally applied to living tissues)
Methods of sterilization
1. Dry Heaet
2. Steam heat - autoclave
3. Cold sterilization
4. Radiation
5. Chemical
Standard Cycle of autoclaving
121C (250F)
15 ps
Min of 13 minutes (usually 15 minutes as safety factr)
What is flash sterilization
Use for emergency sterilization:
131C (270F)
3 minutes for unwrapped items
Place in tray & carry tray to sx
Autoclave precautions
1. Do Not overfill
2. Do not letitems touch one another
3. use a steam indicator - inside & one outside
4. Distribute items evenly in tray
5.Use distilled water
7. Set timer AFTER correct conditions of temp & pressure have been met
Storage Times for Single wrapped muslin items
Closed cab: 1 week

Open Cab: 2 days
Storage Times for double wrapped muslin items
Closed cab: 7 weeks

Open Cab: 3 weeks
Storage Times for single-wrapped crepe paper items
Closed cab: at least 8 wks

Open cab: 3 weeks
When is pack considered unsterile
1. becomes wet after sterilizing
2. tape is broken or loose
3.Date missing or illegible
4. outer wrapper is punctured or ripped
5. pack drops on teh floor
What do autoclave tape identify
1. exposure to steam but NOT time, temp &
Fsible melting pellet glass type indicator
Indicates temp, NOT time
Culture tests indicates
Proves micro-orgs killed,

1. Not immediate available
2. Does Not assess steam penetration
Chemical sterilization indicators
1. most common
2. colorchangeswhenadequate steam for adequate time
How does cold sterilization work
1. simlest but NOT total sterility
2. Clean of free organis material - then immerse
3. Immerse 5-20 min for disinfection
- 10 hours for sterility
4. Rinse instrumentsw/ sterile waater b/c may be caustic to tissue
5. gluteraldhyde & chlorohex most common
What are most cmmonly used cold sterilization fluids
1. Glutaraldehyde (cidex)

2. Chlorohexadine
When would you use radiation as a method of sterilization
1. Industrially
2. Large quantities or spaces
3. UV lites disinfect surfaces
4. NO enetrating power
What formof radiation sterilization is used in sx suites
1. Mercury vapor produce UV
Down side to UV light disinfection
Damage to eyes or skin cancer after prolonged use
When is ionizing radiation uses
sterilize pre-packaged materials like tubing, gloves, suture
What is the agents for chemical sterilization
1.Ethylene oxide gas used in Specialty practices

2. Plasma hydrogen perioxide
Advantagesof ehtylene oxide gas

1. safe for rubber & glass

1. explosive & carcinogenic
2. CA doesn't allow b/c of environmental concerns
Advantages of Plasmahydrogen peroxide

1. safer than ethylene oxide gas

1.leaves residue &
2. can be corrosive
Thread count of muslin or linen for sx drapes, etc
140 threads/sq. inche - DOUBLE THICKNESS
What is the ideal wrap or drape
1. selecive permeability
2. resistant to damage
3. flexible - comforms to pack
4. memory - returns to flat position when unwrapped
Advantages of non-woven drapes

1. cellulose, nylon, rayon
2. light,medium & heavy wts
3. lint free
4. good microbial barrier
5. non resuab;e

Disadvantages : CAN NOT SEE THRU
Advantage of paper sx wrappong
1. parchment orcrepe
2.economical & disposable
3. good barier to moisture microbes
Disadvantages to paper wrappings
1. subject to holes & tears
2. inflexible once sterilized
Advantages of Plastic wrapping

1. polypropylene fil that makes a pouch
2. transparent
3.ends need heat sealer or tape

Disadvantages"difficulttotransfer to a sterile field
What is the difference btwn reflex and vital sign
reflex gives info on anesthetic depth

Vital signs provide info on homeostatic mechanism
Define Vital sign
indicate how well the patient is responding o anesthetia:
Heart rate
Define reflex
involuntary response to stimulus (pinprick or tap)-