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What enzymatic reaction does COX perform?
Converts Arachidonic acid into prostaglandins
What do prostaglandins do?
Promote inflammation
Sensitize receptors to painful stimuli
Protect the gastric mucosa
Promotes Platelet Aggregation
Kidney Vasodilation
COX 1 is called the _____ while COX 2 is involved in _____.
mediating tissue injury
COX 2 is not involved in renal function.
T or F
Inhibition of COX 1 would cause:
Gastric Erosion
Bleeding Tendencies
Renal Impairment
Protection against MI and CVA
Inhibition of COX 2 would cause:
Suppression of inflammation
Pain Relief
Fever Reduction
Renal Impairment
How is acetaminophen different from the other NSAIDs?
Lacks ability to suppress inflammation
What is the difference between the first and second generation NSAIDs?
First generation are the conventional NSAIDs that block COX 1 & 2
Second Generation NSAIDs block only COX 2
What is aspirin?
First generation NSAID
Aspirin binds to COX (irreversibly/reversibly).
What are the uses of aspirin?
Suppression of Inflammation
Reduction of Fever
Suppression of Platelet Aggregation
Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
Who should not use Aspirin?
Children and teenagers with influenza and chickenpox
Pregnant women
What are the symptoms of Reye's Syndrome?
Encephalopathy and Fatty Liver Degeneration
What causes Reye's Syndrome?
Use of Aspirin by children and teenagers with influenza or chickenpox
What Pregnancy Category is Aspirin?
Category D
What pain is Aspirin ineffective against?
Severe pain of visceral origin
Why are COX inhibitors especially good for treating Dysmenorrhea?
Inhibition of Prostaglandins that promote uterine contractions
What are the adverse effects of aspirin?
GI bleeding
Renal Impairment
Reye's Syndrome
Hypersensitivity Reactions
What are the signs of Salicylism?
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
What are the drug interactions of aspirin?
Warfarin (increase bleeding)
Glococorticoids (GI bleeding)
Alcohol (GI bleeding)
Ibuprofen (reduce anti-plalet effects)
What are the signs of a Aspirin OD?
Respiratory excitation followed by respiratory depression
Other NSAIDs besides aspirin cause reversible inhibition of COX.
T or F
Other NSAIDs besides Aspirin can protect against thrombotic events.
T or F
Other NSAIDs increase the risk of thrombotic events
What is the prototypic 2nd generation COX inhibitor?
What are the adverse effects of Celecoxib?
GI ulcers
Increase risk of MI and CVA
Renal Impairment
What is the drug interactions of Celecoxib?
Acetaminophen is different from other NSAIDs in that it is:
devoid of anti-inflammatory and anti-heumatic actions
Where does acetaminophen work in the body?
What are the adverse effects of acetaminophen?
Severe Liver Injury
What is the sign of acetaminophen overdose?
Hepatic Necrosis
What is the specific antidote for acetaminophen OD?