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Briefly describe the MK45 Gun Mount
The MK45 Gun Mount is a fully automated single-barrel weapon that Stows, Aims and fires 5"/54 Cal Ammo.
How many rounds can the loading drum hold?
20 Ready Service Rounds
What is the Firing Rate of the 5"?
16-20 Rounds Per-Minute
What are the two determining factors of how fast it fires?
Gun Barrel Elevation and whether or not it has to Set A Fuze
Describe the 5" General Arrangement
The guns major components are divided mostly into two spaces the Loading Room and the Ammo Handling Room.
Name the Components in the Loading Room
1) EP1
2) EP2
3) Loader Drum
4) Fuze Setter
5) Upper Hoist
6) Strike Down Station
Name the Components in the Ammo Handling Room
1) EP3 Panel
2) Lower Hoist
Describe what the 3 EP Panels do
EP1- Power Distribution Panel
EP2- Control and Test Panel
EP3- Display Load Selection Orders
What does the Loading Drum do?
Holds and transfers Ready Service Rounds
What does the Fuze Setter do?
Sets fuze if required
What do the Upper and Lower Hoists and Strike Down do?
Upper Hoist- Transfers Round from drum to slide
Lower Hoist- Loads from Mag to Drum
StrikeDwn- Strikes down ammo
What are the two modes of Control?
Local (Step) and Remote (Auto)
Briefly describe the path of a round as it is fired. (firing sequence)
Ammo handler loads into lower loading station, then to drum, drum rotates to fuze setter, fuze is set if required, ejectors transfer round to upper hoist, upper hoist raises round to cradle, cradle raises round to slide, rammer extednds to drive round into breech, rammer retracts, cradle starts lowering, breech closes, gun fires, breech opens, extractors move empty case to tray, case ejected, gas eject sys blows out spent powder
Mag Capacity?
600+ Depends on the ship
Muzzle Velocity?
1,000FPS for Reduced charge
2,650FPS for Standard Charge
Name four types of rounds
HE-High Explosive
WP-White Phospourous
SS- illumination round
BL&P- Blind Load & Plug (dummy)
5 Types of Fuzes
VT- Variable Time
IR- Infared