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What is the purpose of courtship and mating?
species/sex recognition/mate quality
How does a balloon fly prime for copulation?
Nuptual gift
How does orthoptera prime?
spermataphylax (large nutrient treat)
20% of weight
male chooses
scorpion fly
male captures prey as treat.
male releases pheramone
male only gives treat after copulation.
Sabithine mosquitoes?
leg waiving, proboscus positioning.
males exposed gland on dorsal, female feeds on it and male copulates from bottom.
crane flies
seriesw of releasing behaviours, ratchet sequence. (if messed up, must start all over again.)
Malachiid beetles
Females enticed by pheromones, aphrodesiac
What is direct fertilization?
some male reproductive organ insertion.
1)claspers (genetallic)
2)winged claspers
Pseudodirect? Examples?
Male transfers sperm to his abdomen so female can "grab it while in flight"
1) Penile claspers
2) Spiders holding sperm with pedipalps.
What is indirect insemination?
How is sex determined?
1)male leaves sperm with female and she impregnates herself.
XO-males of hymenoptera, thysanoptera, hemipteroids.
What is gynandromorph?
combination of sexes within one individual
What is monogeny?
Females produce all males or all females for their entire life.
Golden Rod gall midges
What is Walbachia bacteria
A bacteria that creates parthenogenisis (or eliminates all males) prevents specialization.