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city 100,000
county 135,000
supreme 137,000
no raises for 8 yrs.
judges terms
city 10
town 4
county 11?
Supreme 14
federal- life
why appoint federal judges
ability, remove politics, integrity/quality
federal system
higher salary
life terms
very powerful
tougher sentance. serve 95% of sentance (vs. 1/3)
enhanced law
feds have them. gund and drugs together/ crossing state lines with guns
a full bench.
early supreme court
wake and unprostegus upon its creation
alexander hamilton
wanted legal skill and integrity for the courts. to attract people he wanted them appointed for life. federalists
against lifetime sentances
strong central government and supreme court
why lifetime
aviod policitcal pressure-judges are independent and fair
aviod corruption within the system.
poliical campigan not used- lawyers dont pay for a judges election campaign
gain experience
removing judges
simular to the impeachement process. usually charged with highcrimes such as treason or murder. file articles of impeachment senates needs 2/3 majority vote
removing federal judges
complaint goes to administrative judge who appoints a commitee and they investigate
why remove a judge
disreguard a law-public opinion
drunk driving/domestic violence
sexist coments
wanted bill of rights. used to limit federal power
alien sediation acts
you cant critize the government. ruled unconstitutional
66. advised of rights. 5th-self incrimination. 8th- injection form of captial punishment is cruel and inhumane. no excessive bail. even murders can get bail
european judges
judge has right to investigate.
schools- law and judicial school
judge is appointed
Brown v. Board of education
desegregated schools. thurgood marshall participated in case. judges were threatened.
john marshall
#1** establish vialbilty. helped court suceed. federalist. Marbury V. Madison. argued to have supreme court equal to other branches of government. couldnt solve issue of slavery
Oliver Wendel Holmes
Schenk v. US (during WWI) 15000 pamphlets taught people how to aviod draft. charged w/ interfering with a war effort. pamphlet protected under 1st amendment. shot 2x during civil war, said wartime is a special time so citzens rights are limited
nixon tapes
taped converstaions were subpeoneaed alone with transcripts. tapes were evidence of criminal conduct. . fishing expidition- othe guyd said if they were innocent they wouldnt care that they had to give up the tapes. resigned.
70% of people arrested have drugs in their system
70% of 1st timers are re-arrested wtihn 1yr, 80% in 3yrs
80% of people entering treatment on their own will drop out
drug court
sing a contracts. 2-4yrs in jail if you dont successfully complete. must stay drug free, obtain deploma and get a job.
civil system
genearlly about money. by a preponderance of the evidence. 6 jurors
challenge for cause
uses a reason
prempotory challenge
no reason needed
purpose of bail
make sure defendent returns to court on time
jury selection
are they sympathetic? teachers, parents. Engineers=logical
Batson v. Maryland
cant pick jurors soley based on race. mation for mistral b/c all minoritys were removed.
mapp v. ohio
police break into house w/ no search warrent. they could have gotten a warrent b/c they had probable cause. extends exclusionary rule to the states. 4th and 14th amendments, extends exclusionary rule to the states.
1987. supreme court nominee. very argutive. harvad law professor. said roe v. wade was a bad decision.
what president had biggest judicial leagcy
ronald regan
barley made it onto court. accused by a professor of sexual abuse.
harriot meiers
"the president is the smartest guy i ever met" nominated to be on supreme court before alito and roberst. nomination was withdrawn.
court packing plan
1937. president roosevelt. 8 people on court older than 70. wanted to appoint 6 new judges for a total of 15.
hugo black
senator nominated to the supreme court. member of the kk for 8 yrs. ww2 happened and people forgot about him. . served for 30 yrs
president and judges
85% are from the presidents party
45% have been judges
90% have worked in poliics or government
state with most supreme court judges historically
new york
selction process
was a contested election, now governers commission on the judicary (10-12) recommend 7 qualified people to the governer for him to choose from.
missouri plan
less polictical influence not a partisan race. 1/3 of all states use this.
o'conner, rehnquist, scalia, kennedy
bush I
souter, thomas
Ginsburg, breyer
Bush II
robers, alito