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Rochin V. Californina
Stomach pump, illegal search and seizure
Pierce V. Society of Sisters
can't outlaw parochrial schools
Schmerber V. Caligornia
Blood test constitutional
US V. Santana
Probable cause = ok hot pursuit
Terry V. Ohio
Frisk is mere suspision = :)
Chimel V. California
Probable cause -> search person and area = :)
California V. Greenwood
Garbage bags ok to search
Illinois V. Lafayette
Plain view
Michigan V. Tyler
emergency searches = :)
Mapp V. Ohio
Exclusionary rule
Olmstead V. US
Telephone = no search warrant
Katz V. US
Persons and property - no illegal searches. Reversed olmstead
Gideon V. Wainwright
Need lawyer in court room
Escobedo V. Illinois
Need lawyer in interrogation
Miranda V. Arizona
Must be read rights
Furman V. Georgia
capital punishment = :(
Gregg V. Georgia
capital punishment = :)
Reagents of U of California V. Bakke
Reverse Discrimination = :(
Jones V. Meyer
Discrimination in housing = :(
Runyan V. McCrary
Discimination in private institution = :(