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A diversified common stock fund that seeks long-term appreciation, pays mostly capital gains is a _______ fund.
Growth fund
A diversified common stock fund that seeks current income,pays mostly dividend distributions from dividends on stock in the protfolio.
Income fund
Diversified common stock fund that seeks current income and growth, pays dividends and capital gains.
Growth/Income fund
Diversified common stock fund that seeks both current income and long-term growth by investing in both stocks and bonds. Mostly conservative funds.
Balanced Fund
a fund with no imvestment in common stock.
Bond and preferred stock fund
The fund that seeks tax-free income.
Municipal bond fund.
A fund that seeks reasonable income with a high degree of safety.
U.S. Government securities fund.
A fund that invests at least 25% in a particular industry or geographic area (sector)
Specialized Fund
(Sector fund)
A fund that is very safe and liquid that has a check writing feature with dividends computed daily and credited monthly.
Money market fund
A very safe fund that pays monthly.
Government National Mortgage Association
seeks income from purchasing and selling options
(Puts and Calls)
Options fund
A fund where the manager buys whatever it wishes, with in specified limits.
Asset allocation fund
A fund that invests in both U.S. and foreign securities.
International fund
fund that invests in gold,silver,mining operations.
Precious metals fund
tender offers, spin-offs,rumors,mergers.
Special situation fund.