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What is the definition of a policy?
A policy is a statement of the department's philosophy on a given issue. Policy consists of principles, values, rules and regulations, which guide the performance of department employees. Only the chief of police determines policy.
What is a General Order?
A general order contains specific instructions for the performance of a task. General orders will be issued by the chief of police and will be in the form of a memorandum. General orders may be superseded by a policy.
What are the two differnt types of memoranda?
1. General memoranda provide useful, specific information to officers not amounting to a formal order.
2. Instructive memoranda to all personnel constitute directives affecting specific behavior for a specific event or period of time, and are usually self-canceling.
What is the county wide goal?
To be the safest and most secure community compared to similar jurisdictions
What is the county's mission statement?
Providing a first choice community through excellence in public service.
What is the department mission statement?
To provide a professional and unbiased response to the needs of the community.
What are the values of the police deparment
1. Integrity
2. Community Safety
3. Service
4. Quality
Who appoints the Chief of Police?
The board of supervisors (on recommendation of a commitee)
Who makes up the commitee that appoints the chief of police?
One member of the board of supervisors, one citizen, one member with police experience appointed by the board. Any remaining members shall be appointed by the board and shall be neither an appointed nor elected member.
What is the Chief's responsibility?
The Chief of Police has the responsibility for the planning, development and direction of a complete program of police administration.
How long do you have to report a change of address?
24 hours. If report is made on weekends or holidays, notification made be placed in administration mailbox at front desk.
How long do you have to report a change in domestic status?
48 hours.