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Who was most responsible for the practical use of electricity?
Thomas Edison
What can rubber, glass, and plastic all be used as?
When a loop of wires is rotated through a magnetic field, what do we create that is useful?
Which material is the best electrical conductor?
Sometimes socks cling to shirts when removed from the clothes dryer. What causes this?
static electricity
What is needed to move electricity along wires?
Volts or voltage
Which of the following can you pick up with a magnet?
most metal objects
Electrons have a _____ charge.
If two charged balloons move away from each other, they have _____.
the same charge
Protons have a _____ charge.
Electrons in a battery flow from
negative to positive
Where can electrons be found?
orbiting around the nucleus of an atom
What type of electricity is created when you rub your feet on the carpet?
Resistance measures how well electicity _____.
travels through matter
Electrons moving through a wire is called _____.
electric current
The number of electrons moving through a wire at one time is called _____.
Voltage is
the force of the electrons moving through the wire.
A switch is used in a circuit to
open or close the flow of electrons.
Inside atoms you will only find _____.
protons, nuetrons and electrons
Inside a magnet the atoms _____.
are all lined up in the same direction.
What metals can be permenantly magnetized?
cobalt, iron, nickel
If you drop a magnet, you can _____.
mix up the neat rows of atoms making the magnet weaker.
Why can't you pick up plastic with a magnet?
insulators, like glass and plastic, have few free electrons.
What is invisible around a magnet?
magnetic field
Lightning is a form of what kind of electricity?
A _____ must be closed so electrons can flow through a circuit.
A magnet made when an electic current flows through a wire is an _____.
What kind of circuit would you need to have one light bulb on and one light bulb off at the same time?
Which poles of two magnets attract each other?
What kind of circuit allows a current to flow through it?
Rubbing a magnet along a steel needle can make the needle _____.
a magnet