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What did millions of recently freed slaves need?
housing, clothing, food, and jobs
After the Civil War railroads, bridges, plantations, and crops were ______.
In the early 1900s the Jim Crow laws were passed in order to
encourage segregation
The Freedman's Bureau helped newly freed slaves by
providing clothing, food, and housing.
Discrimination is _____________
unfair treatment of people
One way the African Americans fought the Jim Crow laws was by
boycotting segregated streetcars.
During the early 1900s, Virginia cities and towns grew due to the development of
railroads and coal mining.
Right after the Civil War at the beginning of reconstruction, who was allowed to vote in elections?
white men
After the Civil War, ________ became common because poor white and African American farmers needed land.
What states passed the "Jim Crow" Laws?
Reconstruction was
the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
African Americans found if very difficult to vote or be ___________ .
African Americans were forced to use ___________ drinking fountains.
Which of these was an important industry in Tazwell County?
coal mining
The Freedman's Bureau was created to help
Freed slaves
What type of opportunity might a Virginian who moved to the city from the countryside during the Reconstruction Period have found?
construction job
As Virginians moved from the countryside to the cities, the population of cities
Virginia's ____________ grew with people, businesses, and factories.
The need for more and better ________ increased so people and goods could move between towns like the railroads.
This industry became important to Virginia's economy.
An example of segregation is:
Not being allowed to go to the same school as white children.
Sharecroppers had to
Give a large portion of their crops to their landlords as rent.
When was Reconstruction?
after the Civil War
According to the time line, slavery was legally abolished or stopped in:
What did Jim Crow laws do?
Forced African Americans to use separate hotels, restaurants, and railroad carriages from white citizens.
White racists had many ways to prevent African Americans from voting. Which of the following was a legal way of doing this?
requiring that they pay a poll tax.
What city in Virginia became a large railroad center?
Which of the following is a way to protest discrimination?
Boycotts and marches
What is segregation?
separation because of race
Which of the following is a reason the economy of Virginia collapsed, or fell apart, after the Civil War?
Banks were closed and money had no value.