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Who wrote Virginia's plan and also served as a delegate at the Constitutional Convention?
Much of the Constitution's Bill of Rights is based on the
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Who became known as the "Father of the Constitution?"
James Madison
Why was George Washington named "Father of Our Country?"
he provided strong leadership as the first President. Served as the leader of the Continental Army.
The United States doubled in size as a result of the
Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark helped the United States by
Exploring the western Frontier
Why did we fight in the War of 1812?
the British captured American sailors
Who was the President of the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
George Washington
Who sent James Monroe to buy the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon?
Thomas Jefferson
The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom gave Virginians the right to
Worship however they pleased.
Virginia's Declaration of Rights declares that citizens have the right to
freedom of press
Before the Statute of Religious Freedom Virginia's colonists
had to worship the English church
Who was the first President of the United States?
George Washington
Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom written by _____, says Virginians could worship as they pleased.
Thomas Jefferson.
What amendment to the U.S. Constitution was formed from Virginia's Statute of Religious Freedom?
The Bill of Rights was based largely on Virginia's Declaration of Rights. So, you would expect the Bill of Rights to allow
the right to a fair trial.
Who was "first in war, first in peace, and first in the heart of my countrymen"?
George Washington
_____ was hard on the soil, causing many farmers to look west and south for new land to farm.
Settlers crossed the Appalachian Mountans through the ______ as they migrated to new lands in the west.
Cumberland Gap
After the American Revolution, large numbers of Virginians moved West because
they needed better soil for farming
Virginia's Declaration of Rights served as a model for
the Bill of Rights
How do we know Vriginians took their culture with them when they traveled west?
they had the same traditions
The U.S. Constitution gives the judicial branch power to
decide if laws are fair or constitutional
Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?
George Mason
The Virginia Plan recommended that the government's legislative branches
Have two parts.
Virginia has the title of "Mother of _____".
The most important participants in the establishment of the new U.S. government were from
How many of the first five U.S. Presidents were from Virginia?
The General Assembly is the _____ branch of the Virginia Government.
The _____ is the head of the Executive branch of a state's government.
Enforcing the laws is left to the _____ branch of the government.
What President was known for a period of peace call the "Era of Good Feeling?"
James Monroe
In the early 19th century, which U.S. President told European countries that they could no longer colonize in the Western Hemisphere?
James Monroe
Who was sent by President Jefferson to negotiate with Napoleon for the Louisiana Territory?
James Monroe