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occulomotor nucleus
skeletal M. and para neurons
para comes from edinger westphal nucleus
At sup. midbrain area ventral tip of central grey matter
see superior colliculus, red nicleus
exits in interpeduncular fossa
edinger westphal nucleus
sends para fibers through the Occulomotor nucleus
located behind 3 nucleus
innervates most of the muscles in the eye
trochlear nucleus
located in the lower midbrain ventral portion of periagueductal grey
se inf. colliculus, SCP decussation, and basis peduncle
fibers decussate posteriorly and innervate contalaterally
exit dorsally above pontomesencephalic junction
innervates the superior oblique muscle
abducens nucleus
at the level of the pontomedullary junction
look for facial verve going around it
posterior medial tegmentum
see top portion of the basilar pons
innervates lateral rectus m.
trigemminal system
motor nerves are found in the upper pons ventral to the superior cerebellar peduncle
motor fibers join snesory fibers
two nucleus, medial is motor, outer sensory
facial nucleus
At the level of the pontomedullary junction.
fibers wrap around the abducens nucleus
located centrally near fiber line ventral to abducens

Skeletal motor nucleus at pontomedullary junction; axons wrap around the abducens nucleus
glossopharyngeal nucleus
located at the open medulla skeletal muscle and sympathetics