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A set of tools and guidelines for successful living is also called what?
Life Skills
Why is building self-esteem important?
It is vital to success
What are you doing when you build a game plan?
Consciously planning your life
We can achieve greater control over our mental activity when we do what?
Motivation is an important factor in learning and usually comes from what?
Interest in the subject matter
When we feel self-love and acceptance, we have satisfied what?
Emotional Needs
Looking inward for new ways of thinking and doing things is an example of what?
Writing a mission statement helps to establish what?
Values and Goals
If a goal seems overwhelming, you can deal with constructively by doing what?
Dividing it into short term goals
What are three methods we use to practice time management?
Taking time-outs, Making schedules, and prioritizing
One key to time manangment, a to-do-list, can help you do what?
Prioritize tasks and activities
Identifying your learning style helps you to do what?
Develop appropriate habits
To stay focused on studying it helps to do what?
Keep your goals in mind
The moral principles we live and work by are what?
A sense of integrity would prevent you from what?
Stealing clients
The code of ethics for the cosmetology profession is set by who?
State Boards
These three things are all characteristics of good ethical standards.
Cooperation, Honesty, and Compassion
One trait is esssential to reaching the heights of profesionalism is what?
Your attitude is a reflection of what?
What you believe and think
Would a good healthy attitude include the quality of perfectionism?
Emotional stability allows us to what?
Express emotions appropriately
If we understand the needs and motives of others, we are better able to what?
Act Professionally
An effective way to stay calm when under stress is to what?
Take deep breaths
The best methods to deal with difficult clients is to agree with them and do what?
Offer to remedy the situation
As a cosmetologist you are seen as a kind of caregiver, so it is important to what?
To take care of yourself