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What does the Greek Word "Kosmetikos" mean?
Skilled in the use of cosmetics
How long has haircutting and hairstyling been practiced?
Since the Glacial Age
Who were the first people to use cosmetics?
Henna is a dye that is extracted from what?
The leaves of an ornamental shrub
Nail care was first practiced in 3000 BC in what countries?
Egypt and China
Women in ancient Rome used hair color to indicate what?
Their class in society
When monks and priest were forbidden by Pope Alexander III to shed blood, they enlisted the help of who?
The barber pole, the symbol of the barber-surgeon had its roots in the practice of what?
In 1875 the practice of using irons for waving and curling the hair was developed by who?
Alexandre Godefroy
The first permanent wave technique that did not require the use of a machine was invented by who?
Evans and McDonough
Who was a pioneer in modern black hair care and cosmetics.
Madam C. J. Walker
An entry level cosmetologist may be expected to perform many duties except for what?
Paying Bills
The first job a new cosmetology graduate is ususally offered is what?
Salon Stylist
A client desiring a new wave pattern requires the services of who?
A texture Service Specialist
Working with cancer patients who have suffered hair loss is a gratifying experience for whom?
Wig Specialist
An Esthetician can choose from many employment possibilities including this.
Consultant to a cosmetic company
To create a new image for a client, a makeup artist does what?
Uses cosmetics to blend and shade
A day spa offers a client what?
A full range of services
It is important to have what to be a successful salon manager?
The ability to supervise people
Product educators selling to professionals and salon owners often provide what?
Product knowledge classes
A design team works together to present what?
Fashion and Runway shows
The salon industry has grown termendously and annually grosses how much?
$50 billion
What do government regulatory agencies involved in and provide?
Standards for the industry
To develop your career to the maximum it is important to do what?
Continue your education
Days spas can offer what services?
nutritional counseling, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy
Do Day Spas offer botox treatments?