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Transmitting information through symbols, gestures, or behaviors is called what?
What are three processes you engage in when communicating?
Receiving information, establishing relationships, and sending messages
An important first step in communicating with your client is what?
Repeating back to the client in your own words what you think the client is telling you is called what?
Reflective Listening
To determine the results your client is looking for, set aside time at the beginning of each appointment to do what?
Client Consultation
During the client consultation be prepared with certain items including what?
Styling Books
A person who prefers elegant, sophisticated clothing is categorized as having what?
A classic Style
A client with young children who is not working outside of the home will most likely choose what?
A low maintenance style
Keeping thorough accurate consultation cards for your clients helps you to do what?
Build good client relationships
When scheduling a new client you should what?
Allow extra time for a consultation
Ideally, a special space should be set up for a consultation area equiped with what?
Hair color swatches
If you learn from your client that the client does their own color services at home you should?
Ask how often and with what products
One of the most important aids to use in your consulation is what?
A mirror
The best way to maintain information gained during a consultation is by doing what?
Recording it on a consulation card
Is Always having the right answer a personal skill that will contribute to your success?
If you client arrives past the time considered lateness, the best thing to do is what?
ask them to reschedule
The ultimate goal when dealing with an unhappy client is what?
Get them to pay for the service and return
One of the guidelines when dealing with dissatisfied client is to what?
Find out specifics
Calling on the manager to help with a client is what?
Useful when all else fails
In addition to developing good personal skills with your clients, it is important to what?
Build relationhips with coworkers
Guidelines for personal interaction with your coworkers include all of the following except what?
Sharing personal problems
Being objective with your coworkers cuts down on what?
One of the responsibilities of the salon manager what?
Keeping the business running smoothly
When having a problem with a coworker, approach your manager for what?
For help in solving the problem
To prepare for an employee evaluation do what?
Do a self-evaluation