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robs you of self esteem
compulsion to do things perfectly
lack of a plan
gets you nowhere
ignition for success not a life skill
self management
fuel that keeps you going a life skill
5 basic human needs
physical emotional spiritual social mental
creativity steps
dont critizize self stop asking others what to do change your vocabulary dont do it alone
mission statement
sets forth values and goals
time management tips
priotize design a system avoid stress say no learn to problem solve take time outs keep notes
interactive/ imaginitive

watch listen & share

readaing n listenign
systematic/ common sense

studing to connect to real life

trial & error
ethics 5 things
good character proper conduct moral judgment expressed though personality human relation skills moral princibles
communication -

integreity -
interacting honestly n clearly

matching your behavoir to values

self care
avoide gossip be confidential

taking care of self
life skills
set of tools & guidlines that prepare you for living as a mature adult
how is self esteem relatied to success
no one sustains sucess without feeling good bout themselves
where does creativity come from
an unlimited source of inner ideas and solutions
physical needs
good diet sleep excersise
emotional needs
self love self acceptance
social needs
friends family pets
mental needs
need to use your intellect to contribute to the world
spirtual needs
finding your conncection in life
attitude can be defined as your
outlook, influenced by friendds parents etc can be changed or controlled
defines who you are