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What is Bupers Instruction 5216.5D?
Correspondence Manual
How many ink changes are allowed on a page?
When using a signature stamp, what must you do next to the stamp?
In how many days should correspondence be answered?
10 working days...if not send an interim reply within 5 working days
When corresponding with activities other than DOD, can you use a SSN?
Never, unless individual gives permission or incoming communication has revealed the SSN.
What is the difference between the Navy and Marine Corps requirements when identifying them?
Navy: CAPT Lisa M. Reinhardt, Jr., USN, 123-45-6789/1110
Marine: Captain Lisa M. Reinhardt, 123 45 6789/0430 USMC
Can you print names of officials on letter head stationary?
No, it is prohibited.
How many inches in diameter can DON bear DOD seal?
1 inch
On what page must the enclosure be marked?
First page, but you may mark all pages
How is an enclosure marked?
Lower right corner, type stamp or write "Encl" or "Enclosure (1)" and number in parenthesis
Can you mark enclosure in pensil?
On what pages do you number enclosures?
Second and on
Can you send enclosures separately?
Yes but after you name enclosure put (sep cover)
When using correspondence for use with window envelopes how will it be different from a normal letter?
It has no From line and so letterhead must be used to show its origin
How must dates be expressed in Naval Letters in heading and text?
Business Letter?
Heading: 1 Jan 05
Text: 1 January 2005

Business January 1, 2005
What type faces are preferred?
Courier New, Times New Roman, or Univers

10-12 font
What is the only punctuation that can be used in the address on an envelope?
The hyphen in the zip code
How many lines is an address?
five lines and maximum 47 characters per line including spaces
How is mail sent within DOD prepared?
OIC-First Line
ATTN- Second line
Name of activity-third line
Delivery Address-Fourth line
City State, Zip-Fifth Line
Do you appreviate military titles in the text in press reports or correspondence?
When do you split a name in correspondence?
After initial or if no initail after first name
How many inches are the margins on SNL?
1 inch
How many parts does the Identification block have and what are they?
3 parts
originators code (serial number)
When does an activity start a new sequence numbers for those who use serial numbers?
beginning of each calendar year
How and where to you mark an FOUO document?
All caps, centered bottom edge on first and last page
Do you use numbers or letters in the via line?
Numbers but only if there is one or more
In via's does the routing start with the first name or last name?
first name
What is unique about the subject line?
You use all caps
How do you list references?
In the order they appear in the text
What does NOTAL stand for?
Not for all, this should not be uesd
How do you note references?
Ref: (a)
Do you number every enclosure?
How do you identify paragraphs and subparagraphs?
1., a., (1), (a)
How many lines must a signature page have?
Atleast 2
When citing paragraphs and sub paragraphs do you use period and/or spaces?
How do you use paragraph headings?
Underline and capitolize keywords
How do you compose a signature block?
First initial, middle initial and last name (all caps)
Where do you start the signature block?
Center of page
Would you name blind copies on original?
No, only on copies that are staying within command
How to use page numbers?
on second page and on. 1/2 inch from bottom
What are the three ways to list multiple addressees?
1. "TO:" line only
2. "Distribution:" block only
3. Both "To:" and "Distribution:"
How many addresses must you have for To line only?
4 or less addresses
How many addresses must you have for distribution block only?
More than 4 addressees
When do you use both To and distribution blocks?
Identify individual members in Distribution block , and Place group title in to block.
Does every action addressee receive a letter that has a letterhead and signature?
When composing an endorsement, how are the references cited?
Do not reapeat references that are cited in the basic letter only include new references assign letters by contiuing a sequence.
How many formats of memorandums are there?
What type of memorandum is the most formal?
Memorandum For
What should the margins be set at for business letters?
1-2 inches
Will you use reference in a business letter?
What is included in the identification block n a business letter?
originator's code
How is the date expressed in a businness letters?
november 24, 2005
In a business letter, where in the Attention line located in the address?
Two lines below the last line of inside address
Is the subject line mandatory in a business letter?
Where is the enclosure line located in a business letter?
Second line below signature block (number and describe them
Where is copy to block located in a business letter?
2 lines below enclosure line
On letterhead, where does DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY appear and what font?
5/8 from the top of page/10-12 pitch
Where does the Individual activity name appear and what font on letterhead?
beneath DON and 6-9 pitch
Where does the address and zip appear on letter head?
6 pitch all caps/under activity name
What color of ink does leeterhead must it be for senior officals?
Blue(PMS) 288 or equivalent
What fonts are acceptable for computer generated letterhead?
Times New Roman, Century Schoolbook, Courier New, Helvetica or Univers
Where should the first line of letterhead be centered on computer genrated letterhead?
Fourth line from top
What size must labels be and what color for mailing?
No smaller than 5 inches by 3 inches/black