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What program provides for search, recover, evacuation, initial identification, disposition of personal effects found with each deceased, and burial of eligible deceased persons in a temporary cemetery?
Graves Registration Program
What program is a combination of the Current Death Program and the Graves Registration Program and is activated during emergencies or major military operations?
Concurrent Return Program
The Concurrent Return Program begins and ends what programs?
Graves Registration/Current Death Program
What program can only be activated upon enactement of special legislation?
Return of Remains Program
What program is only operational when authorized by the responsible commander during major militay operations. This includes the establishment and maintenance of temporary burial sites.
Graves Registration Program
What program provides for permanent disposition of remains of those persons buried in temporary cemeteries who could not be evacuated under the Concurrent Return Program?
Return of Remains Program
What is not directly related to the Decedent Affairs Program but is integrally related?
Casualty Assistant Calls Program
Personal contact is made with the PNOK, by the CACO within how many hours of the death of a military member?
A full time student that is over 21 years of age is considered a dependent when they carry a minimum of how many credit hours?
12 credit hours
If a father or mother is to be considered a dependent, the active duty member must provide how much of their support?
1/2 or half
Loco parentis means relative or person who has taken care of member for not less than ____ years.
5 years
Removal, embalming, shipping container, and cremation are considered what type of expense?
Primary Expense
Three examples of Secondary expenses, and one that's not…
Vault, Obituary notice, Floral tribute. Clothing is not secondary
Expenses that are incured when remains are not recovered are considered what type of expense?
Memorial Expenses
T/F Not everyone has a Secondary Next of Kin (SNOK).
What for is used by the DAO to record preparation and disposition of remains when death occurs within CONUS?
How many Statement of Recognition (DD565) are used to identify the deceased?
What two forms must the PNOK sign if they desire to the Navy to arrange cremation?
Request/copy crematorium document
The armed services mortician responsible for preparation of remains (outside CONUS) will prepare the:
Disposition of remains for dependents of active duty members/civilians are annotated on the …
Who has responsibility for administration of the Casualty Assistance Calls Program?
What program encompasses casualty reporing, casualty notification and administration of the program that provides for transportation of Navy family members to burial site?
Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP)
The decedent affairs officer is usually a member of the Medical Service Corps or
LCPO serving as Patient Admin officer
Who is the only individual authorized to interact with the PNOK on transportation matters?
Who inspects all remains without redelegating this function?
Rewards in what amount are offered and paid for recovery of remains or for information leading to recover of remains?
The OMA of a Naval Medil Center is no longer responsible for coordinating the Decendent Affairs Program outside of a _____ mile range.
After remains are transported from overseas to a U.S. point of entry, the remains are forwarded to their final destination by
Commercial Air
Who is responsible for making arrangements for Memorial Services and filling fo payment or reimbursement?
What item is not an authorized reimbursable item for a Memorial service?
What item is not an authorized reimbursable item for a Memorial service?
While in custody of the Navy or Marine Corps, military prisoners are entitled to necessary items but are not entitled to what if their sentence includes discharge?
Regular or Reserve retireed members that die while in a medical facility of the Armed Forces are entitled to:
transportation to place of burial (last legal domicile or permanent resident)
Civilian officers and employees of the Navy who die while traveling on official business with the country are entitled to
following items not to exceed $250: Casket, clothing, cremation, and urn, notification of POK and transportation
Members who are AWOL and have been administratively declared deserters and are not under military control at time of their deat are entitled to what decedent affairs benefits?
not entitled to any benefits
While employed outside of the US, civilian officers and employee of the Navy are not entitled to:
an escort
T/F Dependents residing outside the 48 contiguous United States are not entitled to an escort.
T/F Dependents residing with an active duty member within the 50 United States are eligible for notification, transportation, and outer shipping containor or light weight casket cover
Indigent Patients that die while in Naval Medical Facilities are not entitled to what?
Decendent Affairs Death Reports are sent by priority message to who?
when an autopsy is desired, but not mandatory, how is the family notified?
A casualty notification message
Contracts for Decedent Affairs Program are awarded on a fiscal-year basis. Bids or offers for annual requirements for the next fiscal year are solicited in _____ and in ____.
April/ prior to 01 October
Mutilated remains placed in a sheet are secured with what?
Large safety pins placed no more than 8" apart
How is the uniform placed on the top of mutilated remains?
symmetrically placed on top
Remains found at the scene of an aircraft accident are annotated on a sketched map of th edisaster by
marked with an X
Prisoners of war that die while in Navy or Marine Corps custody are not entitled to what?
If a complete and presentable uniform is not among the personal effects of the deceased member, purchase necessary uniform items and change the purchases to:
Decedent Affairs Program funds
American Red Cross, United Services Organization (USO), crew member of a merchant vessel operated by Secretary of the Navy are entitled to what?
Transportation, PNOK notification and preparation, and casket and clothing. They are NOT entitled to an escort!
For primary Expenses, when Armed Forces contract or mortuary services were available and services were offered to PNOK, but not used, the allowable amount is:
an allowable amount that would not exceed the cost of the navy
T/F A minimum of two DD565 (Statements of Recognitions of Deceased) are required to identify a deceased member as well as being substantiated by dental or fingerprint comparison to support identification requirements.
When examining the remains fo ridentification purposes, the location and description of scars, tattoos, birthmarks, and other identifying markings are recorded in detail on what?
Remains are considered identified when ______ is satisfied that identification has been established beyond any question of doubt.
The Commanding Officer
Subsequent recovery of partial remains from a diasaster scene are reported to COMNAVMEDCO by
Priority mail
What uniform is an enemy prisoner eligible to be buried in?
suitable US military uniform minus decorations and insignia
When Death from communicable disease occurs, the body is placed in a transfer case which is immediately closed. A gummed label 2"x4" marked "CONTAGIOUS" will be affixed to what part of the receptacle?
outside of receptacle at the head end
Remains returned in transfer cases are wrapped in white cotton sheet plus a econd wrapping in a polyethylene cover and seal with…
Heat sealed or pressure sensitive tape
T/F Remains that are marked "CONTAGIOUS" are NOT available to be viewed.
The inside dimensions of a standard casket will not be less than how many inche by inches?
T/F Standard caskets are made of 18 gauge silverstone metal sealer.
Remains to be cremated are transported to the nearest crematory by…
common carrier or funeral coach
Remains to be cremated that are processed under contract are transferred in what type of casket
metal casket.
T/F Remains to be cremated that are not processed under contract are transferred in an inexpensive wooden casket
Oversized caskets are what size?
When hand carrying the cremains, the escort in authorized an additional ____lbs of baggage.
10 lbs
The preferred method of transporting cremains is by what kind of mail?
registered mail
According to contract, the urn will be a rectangular or vase type spun bronze with a carrynig or shipping container engraved wit the following…
Date of birth, Date of death, Name, grade/rank/rate/ and branch of service.
Civilian personnel are not authorized to attend services aboard naval ships at sea or aboard navl aircraft, but services aboard navl ships, while in port may be permitted on a ___
not to interfere basis
Who is/are eligible for at sea disposition?
US civilian Marine Personal of the Military Sealift Command, Dependents of members and former members of the uniformed services or other US citizens who are determined to be eligible by CNO, AND members of the uniform service or those discharged under honorable conditions and retired members of uniform service
The three signed copies of the DD2064 Certification of Death is placed where when it accompanies the remains?
Placed inside the transfer case
What is used to remove postmortem discoloration stains and make them invisible?
Chemical bleach
If there is an expected delay in an "at sea disposition" that will extend beyond 10 weeks from the date at sea disposition was approved, NAVMEDCOM Regions will notify ______ by message notification.
Remains to be comitted to sea should be in a state of preservation that will allow them to be stored for up to how many days?
30 Days
Where are the 20 (minimum number) holes drilled in the casket?
8 base, 8 lid, 2 in each end
Once holes are drilled what is used to preclude visiblility of remains through the drilled holes?
Porous materials (ie: cloth, paper, cardboard, tape)
A minimum of how many 2 inch holes are drilled in the casket?
The minimum 5 bands that are required to band the casket are what width?
How are the bands placed around the casket?
2 around head/2 around foot and 1 legthwise around top and base
Remains must be committed to sea how far from land?
3 miles off the continental shelf
What must occur prior to committing the casket to sea?
remove the porous material from drilled holes
Cremains are normally committed to sea in what manner?
ashes are dispersed and urn disposed of separately
What occurs when the casket does not sink upon impact with the water?
CO will initiate action to retrieve casket for additional weight and the drilling of additionl holes
Who will assure the PNOK is informed of the time and place (by grid coordinates) of dispersion?
Who is responsible for providing a flag for eligible veterans?
Veterans Administration
When remains are transported from outside CONUS, by MAC aircraft, custody of remains are delegated to:
Aircraft Commander
Who has the sole responsibility for furnishing transportation information to the family members PNOK of a deceased member?
T/F PNOK seeking reimbursement for transportation will submit death certificate and a statement (prepared on hospital stationary) signed by official of the respective military medical facility to which decedent was properly admitted along with a completed 1375 with receipts for transortation cost.
PNOK of eligible veteran's may obain a flag by filing an application at:
Veterans Administrative Regional Office
In what manner does the OMA/NH assure the PNOK knows the time and place of dispersion (by grid coordinates)?
letter accompanied by the committal flag
Inurned ashes of active duty military personnel in an appropriate outer receptacle will be hand carried by an escort via:
rail, commerical air, funeral coach or other appropriate vehicle
What is the priority for military or civilian escorts selected by the PNOK while transporting cremains via military air?
immediately follow active personnel in an emergency leave category
Inurned ashes of other than active duty military personnel will be forwarded in what manner?
Registered Mail
When PNOK or SNOK requests a stopover for funeral services (not to exceed 72 hours), who is responsible for defraying the expenses of transferring remains from and back to the commercial carrier terminal?
When remains are prepared outside CONUS, how many copies of the DD2064 (Certificate of Death) and the DD565 (Statement of Recognition) are required?
Within CONUS, what documents are required to be provided and when appropriate, accompany remains being transported?
Civilian Death Certificate, DD2063, DD565, Transit Burial Permit from Local Halth Departent Officail
When person eligible for transportation to an area outside CONUS, the port of embarkation activity that is responsible for transportation will contact who regarding requirements for entry?
Nearest Consul of the Country
Under normal circumstances, what type of seating accommodations are authorized for escorts on commercial air?
Round trip coach
Who is responsible for making arrangements and furnishing escorts for a deceased military member?
activity arranging transportation of remains or cremains
Refer requests for special escorts to COMNAVMEDCOM when:
Escort is in or outside CONUS and remains are outside CONUS. Escort is outside CONUS and remains are inside CONUS. Use of rental car is necessary at destination or first class air is necessary
If an escort has difficulty finding lodging and local transportation in the immediate area in which the interment will take place, he should contact who?
T/F During the transportation of the remains, the escort will drap a flag over the shipping container or casket lengthwise with the union (clustor of stars) at the head over the left shoulder of the deceased.
When an escort returns back to parent command or shipping command he will prepare what form regarding the duties performed?
MED 5360-14 (Escort of Deceased Naval Personnel)
When coach class is not available and a delay in delivery of remains would affect prior commitments, authorization for one-way first class air travel may be requested from the:
Who has responsibility for the procurement and provision of headstones or markers?
Veteran's Administration
T/F Headstones/markers are provided for graves of spouses and dependent children interred in Government vemetereies or State-owned veterans' cemeteries but are not authorized for those in private or local cemeteries.
When the PNOK elects to buy a headstone or marker from a commercial sourse for placement in a non-Federal cemetery, the limited reimbursement is how much $$$?
A memorial headstone or marker may be provided for placement in a national or privatecemetery upon request of the PNOK of a member for what reason(s)?
Remains have not been recovered or identified. Remains donated to sciene. Remains have been buried at sea.
At whoes discretion is the urn weighted prior to being committed to the sea?
OMA/NH representative
T/F The minimum number of caskets will be used without overcrowding. For group interments, a National cemetery will be at the midpoint of the two most widely separated homes of record of the known deceased individuls involved. The total number of escorts for group interments will not exceed the number of deceased members.
Disposition of cremains from a naval ship or aircraft will not be performed less than how far from the nearest land?
3 Miles
To test the airtightness of a casket what method is used by
Halogen Leak test
True things regarding the Bottom Deformation Test
Casket Remains suspended for a period of 15 minutes. Casket is attached to a rectangular suspension from by metal straps. The casket is loaded with a uniformly distributed weight of 350 pounds, closed and locked.
How are personnel casualty reportst submitted?
Priority mail
For officer/enlisted members that are missing or killed in action, what report is completed?
Personnel Casualty Report (death) Report Symbol NMPC 1770-4, Personnel Casualty report (Missing/Missing in Action)
The Casualty Assistance Calls Program is initiated by
Notification of NOK is done between what hours?
Who recommends autopsy for air crash personnel?
Medical Officer
When an autopsy is deemed necessary for retired personnel or non military persons who die at a naval treatment facility, how is permission requested from PNOK and how is authorization granted by PNOK
Casualty notification message/written authorization
Authorization for cremations must comply with
Civil Regulations
PNOK must request cremation of remains by
either request in writing or telegram
Who will coordinate arrangements for at sea dispositions?
Requests for speial escorts must be referred to:
All deaths outside CONUS requre DD2064, Certificate of Death (overseas) with the exception of where?
Where are the personnel effects recoreded for a deceased member?
How many people are requred when inventorying personal effects?
T/F regarding the disposition of personal effects on a deceased active duty member?
Commanding Officer will appoint inventory board usually consisting of 2 members. Normally one member is a commissioned officer. Original and 4 copies of the NAVSUP 29 are prepared, duly attested and singed by the board members (who are appointed by the CO). The board will send all 5 copies with the personal effects to the supply officer for completion, disposition and signature.
What is the general practice when a death occurs at a navl medical treatment facility?
complete a Civil Certificate of Death
Where is the original DD2064 placed when an active duty member dies?
Placed in closed health record and copy is sent to CO, Naval Data Services Ctr in Bethesda
What form is provided to PNOK to claim reimbursement or payment of primary expenses, transportation and secondary expenses?
Arlington National Cemetery is under what jurisdiction?
T/F With the exception of Arlington National Cemetery, National Cemeteries fall under the jurisdiction of the Chief Memorial Affairs Director, Department of Memorial Affairs, Veteran's Administratiion, Washington DC.
Which of the following is not one of the three classifications for National Cemeteries?
Colsed (active)
who is authorized roundtrip transportation to the place of group interment at government expense?
PNOK and 2 Blood relatives
Prior to movement of any remains at the scene of a disaster what should be done?
Sketch map showing contours of area and fixed landmarks (hils/trees/rocks ect)
The authorized government allowance for secondary expenses toward interment of deceased Navy member in a private cemetery on or after 01JAN83-30SEP85 is___?
The authorized government allowance for secondary expenses toward interment of deceased Navy member when remains or cremains are cosigned directly to a funeral director on or after 01OCT85 is an amount not to exceed _____?
Secondary Expenses such as burial in a national cemetery or committal at sea after being consigned to a funeral director selected by the PNOK on or after 01-JAN-83 through 30-SEP-85 an amount not to exceed____ may be paid?
The authorized government allowance for secondary expeses when remains or cremains are consigned directly to a National Cemetery, naval activity or ship for committal at sea on or after 01 Jul 74 will not exceed how much $$$
What official within the district in which the requested port is located should be consulted for burial at sea?
Area commander
What is not true concerning the Personnel casualty Report (Death) Report Symbol BUPERS 1770-4 Officers/Enlisted?
Only prepared for members of the armed forces who die on Naval Reservations
T/F Concerning the Decedent Affairs Program, Enemy prisoners are dressed in US uniforms, Naval regulations should be consulted for military honors at funerals, members who are UA are not entitled to some decendent affairs benefits?
Who is responsible for the formulation and promulgation of policies, standards, procedures and training material pertinent to the Decedent Affairs Program?
To minimize cellular deterioration, remains should be refrigerated at:
36-40 Degrees F
As defined by the Decedent Affairs Program, what is considered a secondary expese in the care of the dead?
Funeral coach
When the deat of an active duty Navy member occurs outside a military reservation, removal of the remains must comply with what?
Civilian laws and regulations
T/F An escort in retired or inactive status should be treated as a civilian. Cremains of active duty personnel must be hand carried by an escort. The activity arranging transportation is also responsible for the escort
What instruction spells out the precise steps to be taken in the care of the dead?
When escorting reamains of a LCDR, MSC, USN, the escort should be at least same rank, same job, same branch…
How many two inch holes are drilled in the casket for burial at sea?
T/F An officer assigned to coordinate the Decedent Affairs Program is preferably a member of the Medical Service Corps (MSC).
Who is related to the Decedent Affairs Program, but is not part of it?
Casualty Assistance Calls
An information report will be made by priority message to which of the following if additional portions of remains are recovered subsequent to the shipment of the deceased to the NOK?
The CO will write a letter of condolence to the primary and secondary next of kin in all cases within ____ hours of the casualty?
48 hours
Who must coordinate arrangements for burial at sea if requested outside CONUS?
Fleet Commander-in-Chief
Remains to be buried at sea should be placed in the water at depths greater than how many fathoms?
100 fathoms (600ft)
What part of the Decedent Affairs Program combines various programs and terminates into a different program?
Concurrent Return
As defined by the Decedent Affairs Program, what is considered a primary expese in the care of the dead?
What is the minimum number of deaths per year for Naval activities to have an annual Care of the Dead Contract?
The activities that have joint responsibility for the use of format of the Navy Care-of-the-Dead contracts are BUMED and ____
Who is responsible for notification of the NOK if the member dies outside of or within territorial waters?
How much is the authorized government allowance for primary expenses toward interment of deceased Navy members in a private cemetery on or after 01-OCT-85?
How many signed copies of the Certificate of Death (overseas) DD2064 must accompany the remains to another overseas area or to a port of arrival in CONUS?
When annual contracts are not in effect, individual purchase orders for supplies and services shall be made out in accordance with:
Chronological numberred progress reports shall be dispatched to BUMED every 24 hours when search, recovery and identification operations cantinue for more than how many hours?
36 hours
Unless specifically requested by the next of kin, remains will not be shipped to arrive at a destination on what holidays
New Year's, Thanksgiving
When a Decedent Affairs Officer is assigned to the activity charged with th einvestigative responsibilities apllicable to the search and recover of remains, his role is to be what?
If an escort accompanies the remains, he shall present what to the NOK if available, otherwise to the CACO?
The annual report concerning adequacy of interment allowance must be submitted to BUMED by what day?
When notifying the next of kin are you allowed to use the telephone?
True concerning notifiation of the NOK in case of death or missig casualty
Personal notification should be made between 0600-2000, Each notification must be confirmed in writing, and undue delay is considered in excess of 24 hours
When remains are transported to another overseas area or to a port of arrival in CONUS, three signed copies of what form must accompany the remains?
The authorized government allowance for expense when remains are consigned directly to a National Cemetery on or after 01 July 1974 will not exceed what $$$?
What is the maximum allawable stopover time for an escort for the purpose of attending the funeral service if desired by the next of kin?
72 hours
Name three true things concerning Decendent Affairs Program and one false.
T- An escort in retired or inactive status should be treated as a civilian. T- Cremains are sent by registered mail when an escort is not authorized. T-Special escorts receive $50 per diem allowance F-Escorts are responsible for remains aboard Military Airlift Command (MAC) aircraft.
T/F conserning the Decedent Affairs Program
Cremains are sent by registrered mail when an escort is not authorized. An escort in retired or inactive status should be treated as a civilian. Special escorts receive $50 per day per diem allowance
How many bands (of not less than 3/4") are placed around the casket for burial at sea?