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#5 Basic Principles to Success
1)Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not the person
2) Maintain the self confidence & self esteem of yourself and others
3) Maintain constructive relationships
4) Take initiative to make things better
5) Lead by example
Decision making pitfalls
1) groupthink
2) escalation of committment
when team members place consencus above all other priorities
escalation of committment
when teams persists with a loosing course of action
How do u build a balance team
1) mixing personalities
2)"" expertise & experience
4)"" genders
5)"" organization hierarchy
What creates an imbalanced team?
1)boss clones
2) usual players
3) one personality type
4) most suited for the task
#2 Forces driving globilization
1)technological innovation
2) falling barriers to trad & investment
Developing intercultural teams
* recognize assumptions
* change is good
* time controls us
* equal
* indiv. w/ privacy
* self made people
* competition
* future looks bright
* work
#5 Stages of Team Development
1) Forming
2) Storming
3) Norming
4) Performing
5) Adjourning
initial entry of indiv. members
high emotionality;tension emerges
cooperation;coordinated as a working unit
matured organization
preparation to disband
Globilization impact
trade & wages
stand. is cheaper than adaptation
ethical behaviour
"when in rome do as the Romans"
set of values, beliefs, rules, and institutions held by a specific group of people
belief that ones own ethnic group or culture is superior to others
cultural literacy
detailed knowledge about a culture that enables a person to function effectively within it
"cost benefit" Whats the greater good?
#9 Components of culture
1) aethetics
2) Values & Attitudes
3) Manners & Customs
4) Social Structure
5) religion
6) Personal Communication
7) Body Language
8) Education
9) Physical & Material Environments
Characteristics of High Quality Research
* based on the work of others
* can be replicated
* is generalizable
* based on logical rationale
* is doable
* generates new questions
* is incremental
* is not politically biased
question transformed into an If..then.. statement
Basic Research
has no immediate action eg. DNA Testing
represents a class of outcomes that can take on more than one value
independant variable
those variables that researchers have control over
dependent variable
the outcome
cluster of population
primary sources
org reports of the org work or experience
secondary source
provides a level of info once removed from org work
general source
provides an overview of topic
integrity "can I sleep @ night?"
universal law
"Is it ok for everyone"?
#8 step guide
1) gather facts
2) define ethical issues
3) identify affected parties
4) identify consequences
5) identify obligations
6) consider character and integrity
7) Think creatively
8) check your gut