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_____ is an x-linked recessive disorder of bilaterally enlarged anterior segment.
______ is a rare congenital disorder with complete limbal to limbal corneal thinning and protrusion.
give examples of the first wave of mesenchyme.
1- endothelial and angle disorders
2nd wave mesenchmye disorders are ______.
3rd wave mesenchmye disorders are _____.
iris changes
T or F: ICE syndrome resembles Posterior polymorphous dystrophy
________ the 1st wave of the mesenchyme-a thickened schwalbe's line.
posterior embryotoxon
_______ bilateral, prominent anteriorly displaced schwalbe's lines.
axenfeld anomaly
_______ has the same changes of axenfelds with the addition of iris atrophy, iris holes. corectopia.
Rieger Syndrome
________ peripheral or diffuse sclera like opacification of the cornea.
______ consists of geographic thickenings of subepithelial collagen and basement membrane.
what is a classic sign of EBMD? (on the slit lamp)
negative staining
What do you treat a recurrent corneal erosion with?
hyperosmotic ung
_______ is characterized by multiple cysts in the epithelium--appears early in life and increases in number with age.
Meesmann's dystrophy
_________- is recurrent painful erosions beginning in infancy. Vision decreases by the 2nd or 3rd decade.
Reis-Buckler's Dystrophy
Name 3 anterior membrane dystrophies that occur early in life.
1- Reis-Buckler's
2- Superficial granular
3- Honeycomb
Name a stromal dystrophy that shows white, irregular opacities often with clear centers---in the anterior stroma.
Granular dystrophy
IF you see refractile deposits--thin irregular lines and dots in the central anterior cornea--what is this? It shows int he 1st decade and by age 30 you will have decreased vision and RCE.
Lattice Dystrophy
______ is autosomal recessive. These people have abnormal keraaton sulfate proteoglycan. By the teen years VA has decreased.
Macular Dystrophy
_______ is crystal deposits (at 1 year old) with corneal arcus and limbal girdle of vogt. Chl is elevated
Central Crystalline dystrophy of Schnyder