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Primal Religions
IMpersonal God
Spirit in Everything!
God is more a force than a being
Actions must be mindful of spirits, (especially ancestors and animals)
Belief there is one God represented by many lesser and local deities/entities
BRAHMAN-->Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva 330 million gods/esses
Each god reveals different characteristic
Good karma come from doing dharma well, bad karma is opp
Determines status of reincarnation in Caste system
Unavoidable law of consequences
rabbinic elaboration on Torah
Post Torah teaching (2000 scholars)
Orthodox believe it is divine and unchangeable
Reform believes it can be changed
Combo of Mishnah and Gemara
5 Pillars of Islam
Islamic (CPFAP) Cats Pee Fart And Preen
1. Creed: ONE God, Allah- Muhammad is #1 Prophet: Say 30x daily
2. Prayer- facing Mecca, Clean before prayer, nose and forehead to ground, 5x daily
3. Fasting: sunup to sundown during Ramadan (1 month that Muhammad recieved enlightenment in cave)
4. Alms Giving- give to poor
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca- kaaba(box with asteroid), Medina- Muhammad buried, Jerusalem0 Haram AlSharif- dome of the rock; Al Bucak- Wailing wall
3 Paths to Moshka
Breaking free of samsara (cycle of reincarnation)
1. Comtemplation-path to union with Brahmin through Yoga
2. Action- faithfully doing one's dharma, Otsu's path, sacrament work, free from attachment to results
3. Devotion- 90% of hindus (self surrender, devotion to god, offerings, festival, love)
Muslim- Revealed by Gaberial to Muhammad (illiterate)
"Kariana" chanted or recited
Preserved Book (In Heaven)
Furkan (the discernment)
Al Huda (the guide
Umm Al-Kitab (mother book)
God of Hindu
Each God represents diff characteristic
Brahma- Creator
Vishnu-love protection
Shiva- destroyer and giver of live
Believe that one's worldview is better than anothers
Held by many western worldviews
Goes along with chronological snobbery
KKK, Us ignoring UN, Nazi...
Place of teaching and community, in every town
Pharisees run synagogue
Must be 10 Jewish men in a town to have a synagogue
Used to teaching and learning
Suzerain-Vassal Treaty
ancient middle easter treaty form
used between 2 kings
Walk down trough of sacrificed animal blood to show consequences
God used to treated form in covenant with Abraham and Moses
Separated ones
ran the synagoges
teachers of the law
middle class religious leaders
made and taught post Torah oral tradition
Siddhartha Gautama
Founder of Buddhism
Born as an Indian Prince
Snuck out of palace escaping fathers attempt to prevent him from seeing death
Saw 4 sights, Old age, illness, death, quest for truth
Enlightened in 527 BC 4 noble truths and 8 fold path
Laws of Kashrut
Kosher Jewish
May eat cloven hoof and cud chewing
Animal specially slaughtered to minimize pain
No blood
No mixing of Meat and Dairy
No grap products from non-Jew
Four Noble Truths
Siddhartha Gautama 527 BC
1. Suffering (reality is that life is hard)
2. Cause of suffering is attachment
3. Detachment is solution to problem
4. 8 Fold Path
Ones duty, purpose in life
has to do with caste system
following dharma= good karma
Born with Dharma, cannot escape
knowledge that comes from senses (scientific, real data, hard facts)
Most trusted by West
Experience from senses
Authority: told by parents teachers...
Intuition: immediate knowledge, unknown origin
Innatism: inborn, universal (moral Law), logical
legal agreement,
outlines mutal rights and agreement and consequences
Suzerain-Vassal Treaty form
Abraham and Moses Covenants