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airflow limitation that is not fully reversible
defining characteristic of COPD
usually become symptomatic during ____ age
inflammation is throughout what 3 areas of the lung
airways, parenchyma, and pulmonary vasculature
if a patient presents with SOB, dyspnea and looks like COPD they are going to run which test?
blisters on the outside of the lung called dead space
bullae of emphyzema
presence of cough and sputum production for at least 3 months in each of 2 consecutive years
chronic bronchitis--blue bloater
when are exacerbation of bronchitis most likely to occur
winter months
an abnormal distention of the air spaces beyond the terminal bronchioles with destruction of the alveoli
right sided heart failure is also called what?
cor pulmonale
as the alveolar walls break down what is reduced?
the pulmonary capillary bed
when the pulm. capillary beds are reduced how does the body respond?
it increases pulm blood flow, forcing the right vent. to maintain a highter blood pressure in the pulm. art.
when a pt. has congestion, dependent edema, JVD or pain in the region of the liver what is suggested?
cardiac failure
in later stages of the disease, CO2 elimination is impaired, resulting in
hypercapnea and causes RESP ACIDOSIS
2 main types of emphasyma are
panlobular nad centrilobular
hyperinflated chest or barrel chest, marked SOB weight loss
s/s panlobular emp.
polycythemia, right heart failure, central cyanosis, peripheral edema, and resp failure
centrrilobular emp
2 main life threatening complications of COPD are
respiratory insufficiency and respiratory failure
obstruction is defined as an obstruction of __%
type of med to relieve bronchospasam and reduce airway obstruction by allowing O2 distribution and improving alveolar vent.
inhaled and systemic meds that improve symptoms but do not slow the decline of lung function
when are mucolytics used?
when they have components of COPD with heavy mucous
when do COPD pts recieve antibiotics
when they have exacerbations r/t infection
2 primary causes of exacerbations
tracheobroncial infection and air pollution
dyspnea, increaced sputum production and purulence, resp failure, mental changes, worsesning ABG's
s/s of exacerbation of COPD
first line of therapy for exacerbation of COPD includes..
optimization of bronchodialators, then.IV steroids, solumedrol, maybe antiboitics
activity pacing, inspiratory muscle training, nutrition, smoking cessasion
nursing managment