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What military Standard applies for cooling systems that interface with electronics?
MIL-STD-1399 Section 101
What NSTM provides a system approach to the operation and maint of liquid cooling system for electronic equipment?
NSTM chapter 532
What makes up a Type I cooling system?
SW/DW heat exchanger with SW/DW heat exchanger backup.
What makes up a Type II cooling system?
SW/DW heat exchanger with CW/DW heat exchanger backup.
What makes up a Type III cooling system?
CW/DW heat exchanger with CW/DW heat exchanger backup.
What tempature regulating valve is used where Seawater is the cooling medium in the heat exchanger?
3 way valve
What tempature regulating valve is used where Chilled water is the cooling medium in the heat exchanger?
2 way valve
Where is the 2 way tempature valve installed?
In CW supply to the heat exchanger with the sensing bulb installed in DW outlet from heat exchanger.
How does the 3 way tempature valve operate?
The temp sensitive elements respond to variations in temp and control the flow rate of the cooling medimum throught the heat exchanger. The results is demineralized water output of a temp that is consistent with operating parameters of the electronic system installed.
What is the normal output temp range for most electronic equipment secondary loops?
80-85 degrees
What will happen if the secondary cooling loop operates below recommended temp range?
Electronic equipment will sweat.
How is flow regualtion accomplished?
By means of flow regulators which control the quanity of water flowing through various parts of systems.
How is purity of the cooling water systems maintained?
With a demineralizer and monitored by purity cells and salinity cells.
What component provides the indications that determine the need for changing the resigns in the deminerizers?
Purity Cells
How are salinity cells used in low purity systems?
Provide an indication of seawater leakage into freshwater portion.
An oxygen removal cartridge is used to prevent.
Atmospheric corrision
What is used to remove solids, dissolved metals and carbon dioxide from liquid cooling systems?
Mixed bed cartridge
What is used to remove minute particles from water in a liquid cooling system?
Sub-micron filter
What is the first step in cleaning a distilled water system?
Replace flow switch assembly with temporary piping, remove strainer basket, and isolate water purifier.
Why should you flush one section of cooling water at a time?
Obtain maximum velocity for cleaning.
What is the best solution for flushing a fresh water cooling system?
solution of 160 degree freshwater and low sudzing detergent for 2 hours.
What indication might indicate that the seawater strainer basket requires cleaning?
Pressure exceeds clean pressure by 5 psig.
What are the basic procedures for cleaning the DW section of an heat exchanger?
Cleaned under a chemist direct supervision, using chemical means.
What may be used to remove foreign matter from the tube interror for the SW section of a heat exchanger?
water lance
What is primary purpose of the expansion tank?
to ensure positive pressure through out the water system, even when pumps are shutdown.
What support system is used to ensure posistive pressure through out water sytem?
LP air
How is the flow of distilled water monitored in the cooling loop?
Flow meter
What is measured by electrodes of a purity cell?
Resistance or conductivity of the water.
How is tempature effect cancelled in a purity cell?
Tempature compenstation
SPS-49 utilized what type of cooling system?
Type I
What fixed device is used to control the pressure and flow of SW in primary loop?
Orifice plate
What is used to remove debris and sealife from SW side?
How does a typical electronic heat exchanger function?
Transfer heat from one fluid(DW) to another (coolant).