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"Principles of Operation"

Electronic Flight Control System?
Is made up of 2 flight control computers, control surface servo actuators, air data and inertial sensors and control sensors.
Includes a built-in test to provide failure warning and fault isolation. The flight control computers combine inputs with air data and inertial inputs and provide electrical signals to servo actuators.
The servo actuators move control surfaces the direction and amount required to produce desired A/C motion.
What is the purpose of the Backup Mechanical System?
Provides automatic connection of a direct mechanical link from the stick to the differential stabilator servo actuators.
Provides limited pitch and roll control after a complete electrical failure or complete failure of both flight control computers.
Emergency Extension of the Landing Gear?
Is primarily free fall aided by stored energy in the MLG shock absorber and hydraulic system no. 2B pressure and is supplied by the APU and emergency brake accumulators and serves to unlock the landing gear up lock mechanisms and aid in landing gear down lock.
Emergency extension is controlled by the LDG GEAR control.
"Safety Precautions"

a. Ejection Seat?
Main Firing Handle Safety Pin: Safeties the ejection control handle during all ground parking, servicing and towing. It is inserted through the hole in the base of the ejection control handle.
b. Canopy Jettison System?
The pin must penetrate interanl CANOPY JETT lever mounting plate and initiator lever to prevent accidental canopy jettison.
c. Canopy Normal System?
Open door 9 set and hold external canopy control switch to the open position until canopy is fully opened and release.
If an electrical or mechanical failure occurs when the canopy is open, do not close canopy manually, unless weather conditions exists that require it.
Do not open canopy in wind excess of 60 knots!

To prevent death or injury from electrical shock, make sure windshield and canopy static charge is discharged!
d. Liquid Oxygen?
Never allow Liquid Oxygen (LOX) to contact your skin.
Safe distance is 50 Feet.
When in use, keep in a well ventilated area and keep away from all gasoline, kerosene, oils, greases, and other hydrocarbons.
Wear PPE from being exposed to the venting box.
During LOX servicing operations, 2 person integrity rule must be used.