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the turnig pont of the civil war and a major defeat for the confederacy in pinnsylvannia
waht vitory in mississippi gave the north control of the mississippi rice and resulted in a complete blacke of the south by union
vicks burg
what union general captrued altanta and cntnued southeast to savannah destroying everything in its path
william tecusumb sherman
were did robert e. lee surrender to ulysses s grant in 1865
appimactic court house
what was the name given to northernes who came to the south durin g reconstruction to maek money
carpet badgers
whats was the name given to southerners who suppeorted reconsturction and voted repulicac after the war
what comgressional agreement over the disputed electon of 1876 officllly eded recostructioin
compermise of 1877
laws passed in the south in attempt to restrict freed balcks in soucitey an dkeep them in a subervient postion
black code