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Requirements to open 1 NT
15-17 valuation points
A balanced hand
No more than one doubleton
No singletons
Points required for game at 3 NT
Points required for game at 4 H or 4 S
26+ points
Points required for game at 5C or 5D
29+ points
Points required for a small slam
12 tricks
33+ points
Points required for a grand slam 13 tricks
37+ points
Responding to 1NT opening, what points lead to partscore, maybe game, and game?
0-7 points: partscore
8-9 points: maybe game
10 or more points: game
Responses to opening bid of 1NT
Bid 2D, 2H, 2S when?
0-7 points
5 card or longer suit
This is a signoff bid reflecting a weak hand but better played as trump rather than NT. Partner will pass
What response to opening bid of 1NT with 8-9 points and no 8 card or longer major suit fit
Invitational bid
What is required for response to opening of 1NT with 4H or 4S?
10-15 points and 6 card or longer major suit in responder's hand
This is a signoff bid (for game)
In response to 1NT opening bid, when does responder bid 3H or 3S?
10-15 valuation points and a 5 card major suit.
This is a forcing bid. If partner has only 2 of the suit, they'll bid 3NT. If they have 3 or more, they'll bid 4 of the suit.
Opener's rebid after 1NT opening:
2D, 2S, 2H
Pass: these are signoff bids reflecting weak hands better played in those suits
Opener's rebid after 1NT opening:
partner responded 3NT, 4H, or 4S
These are signoff bids
What response to 1NT when holding 10-15 points and no 5+ major suits?
Signoff game bid
Opener's rebid after 1NT opening:
pass with 15 points
3NT with 17 points
3NT with 16 points if good hand
Opener's rebid after 1NT opening:
response given of 3H or 3S
4H or 4S if 3 or more cards in the suit.
3NT if only 2 cards in the suit
What are attitude signals?
You can discourage or encourage a partner to lead, or continue leading, a suit by giving an attitude signal
High card is an encouraging signal. Playing low card is a discouraging signal.
Requirements to open 1H or 1S?
five card or longer suit
13-21 valuation points
Responding with raise to opener's major suit:
When to pass?
0-5 points
game is unlikely
Responding to opener's major suit by raising:
When to raise to the 2 level?
6-10 points
Game bonus is possible if the opener has some extra strength
Responding to opener's major suit by raising:
When to raise to the 3 level?
11-12 points
Game bonus is possible if the opener has more than 14 points
Responding to opener's major suit by raising:
When to raise to the 4 level?
13+ points
Get to game. The partnership has 26+ points.
Dummy points
0,3,5 with experience
Don't count dummy points AND length points.
Responding in a new suit at the one level
6 or more points
4 card or longer suit
Responding in a new suit to opening at the two level:
11 or more points
4 card or longer suit to respond 2C or 2D
5 card or longer suit to respond 2H
Responding in a new suit to opening at the one level:
Responder has 2+ suits of equal length... which to open
With a choice of 4 card suits, bid the cheapest:
With a choice of 5 card suits, bid the higher ranking, i.e. spades over hearts
When to respond 1NT to an opening bid at the 1 level?
6-10 points
No support for opener's suit
No four card or longer suit to bid at the one level
A response or rebid in a new suit is?
Signoff, Invitational, or forcing?
Forcing, unless by convention
Opener's REBID to a new suit response at the one level:
Minimum strength
Medium strength
Maximum strength
Minimum strength 13-16 raise to 2 or as cheaply as possible
Medium strength 17-18 may jump a level to show extra strength
Maximum strength 19-21 make sure partnership reaches game
use dummy points if supporting responder's suit
Requirements for Opening 1C or 1D and how to choose between
13-21 points
3 card or longer suit
open longer minor suit
with equal length in minors:
open 1C if two 3 card suits
open 1D if four or more cards in each suit
Priority in responding to minor suit opening:
Find a fit in a major suit...
Even in partscore, major suit contracts score higher than the equivalent minor suit contracts.
Responding to minor suit opening...
How to respond with 0-5 points
Pass before getting the partnership any higher
Responding 1H or 1S after a minor suit opening; what is required
6 or more valuation points and a four card or longer suit
Bid the longest suit.
Choice of 4 card suit, bid cheapest. 5 card suits bid higher ranking.
Responding in NoTrump to 1C or 1D: Requirements?
+/- balanced hand and no four card major suit
6-10 points 1 NT
11-12 points 2 NT
13-15 points 3 NT
Requirements for Raising Opener's Minor Suit:
6-10 points raise to 2 level
11-12 points raise to 3 level
13+ points raise to game
value dummy points
How many points per trick bid (beyond initial book of six tricks)
4 of major
5 of minor
3NT 40 for first trick and thirty for additional 40+30+30=100
4H or 4S 30+30+30+30=120
5C/5D 20+20+20+20+20=100
What is a game score and what is a part score?
Game is a trick score is 100 or more points.
Part score is a contract worth less than 100 points.
In rubber bridge scoring kept
Trick scores kept below the line
Bonus scores kept above the line
We They
Where are overtricks (Tricks earned above the contract) scored in rubber bridge?
Above the line where bonus points are scored.
Requirements for using Stayman Convention to respond to a 1NT opening? What is the bid if requirements met?
8+ value points
At least one four card major suit.
Bid 2C
What does the 2C bid ask for in the Stayman convention?
Does 1NT opener hold a four card major suit?
Meaning of 1NT opener's replies to the 2C Stayman response:
2S four card or longer spade suit
2H four card or longer heart suit
2D no four card or longer major suit
How to respond to 1NT opening with points putting partnership in game score?
3NT usually.
If a very long club suit where 5 or 6C might be better than playing in NT, bid 2C for stayman and then 3C after opener rebids. Opener will then understand the potential of playing in clubs.
How does opener of 1NT bid rebid following partner's 2C response when he holds 4 spades and 4 hearts?
Bid up the ladder
Can Stayman be used on a 1NT overcall?
3 Level Preemptive opening bid: What is required?
3C, 3D, 3H, 3S
A long suit, usually SEVEN or more cards with two of top three, or 3 of top 5, cards in the suit.
A weak hand less than opening value.
2 Level Preemptive opening bid:
What is required?
2D, 2H, 2S
2C means high hand
5-11 high card points.
Six card suit with two of top three, or 3 of top 5, cards in the suit.
A weak hand less than opening value.
When to pass in responses to preemptive openings:
When responding to preemptive openings it is best to focus on trick taking ability rather than points.
Pass: no fit in opener's suit and little prospect of making game
When to raise opener's preemptive bid?
When partnership likely to take enough tricks to make game.
When you have support for suit but a weak hand and it is likely opponents can make a game contract.
How do you ask for more information from opener after they open 2 level preemptive bid?
This is when you are interested in reaching game but don't know 'where' or 'how high'.
Bid 2NT - this is asking for more info
With a two level preemptive opening, and you are interested in making game but are unsure how high or where what other option besides 2NT?
Bid a new suit to see of opener has support. Bidding a new suit is 'Forcing'.
When vulnerable don't overbid by more than this number:
two tricks
When non-vulnerable don't overbid by more than this number:
three tricks
What IS an overcall?
The first bid for your side in an auction when competitors have already bid.
What is required for an overcall bid?
Good 5 card suit or a six card or longer suit.
7-17 high card points at the one level.
13-17 points at the two level or higher.
What is required to advance a 1 level overcall with 6-9 points to 2, 3, and game levels?
2 level - 3 card support
3 level - 4 card support
game level - 5 card support
What do do when you have support for partner's overcall and 10+ points in your hand?
Cuebid opponent's suit, showing interest in reaching game.
i.e. opener 1D, overcall 1S, pass, advancer 2D
Guidelines for advancing in a new suit
Good 5 card suit or 6+ length suit. 6 or more points at the one level; 11 or more points at the 2 level
Advancing an overcall in Notrump:
6-10 points: bid notrumps at cheapest level
11-12 points: jump in notrump
13+ points: cuebid then bid notrump
Requirements for a 1NT overcall:
balanced hand with 15-18 points
some strength in opponent's suit
Requirements for a preemptive jump overcall
good six card suit at 2 level
good seven card suit at 3 level
a weak hand
What is a takeout double?
Double after opponent opens and shows support for all unbid suits.
What is required for a takeout double?
support for unbid suits
at least 3 card support, preferably 4 card
13+ total points
add dummy points
Advancing a takeout double:
0-8 points bid at cheapest level
9-11 points make invitational bid by jumping one level (if able)
12+ points: get to game
Advancing takeout double in Notrump
with strength in opponent's suit and no better option bid notrump as follows:
6-10 points: bid NT at cheapest level
11-12 points: bid NT jump level
13+ points: bid game in NT
Responder's preemptive jump raise with support of opener's suit and 6-9 points:
4 card support: jump to 3 level
5 card support: jump to 4 level

key is to show fit and keep opponents out of the auction
Responder's cuebid
Forcing bid showing:
support of opener's suit (3+ cards)
at least invitational strength 11+
Responder's double after an overcall bid by opponent
Support for both unbid suits (his partner's opening suit and opponent's overcall suit
ideally, 4 card support for both
6-8 points to bid at 1 or 2 level
9-10 points at 3 level
11+ points at 4 level
What is the meaning of a responder's redouble?
10+ high card points
opener 1S
opponent doubles (takeout double)
responder redouble (10+ pts)
When is a double a penalty double?
Doubles in response to 1NT or 2NT opening bids;
doubles of opponents' bids at game level or higher
Responder's action after an overcall:
Same response that would have been made without the overcall, if still possible;
suitable alternative response;
preemptive jump raise of opener's suit with 4+ support and weak hand;
cuebid opponents' suit to show support for opener's suit and 11+ strength;
use negative double to show support for two unbid suits and strength to compete
Following opening of 1NT and an overcall of 2C how does responder use Stayman convention to ask opener for majors?
Double following a 3C overcall is used as Stayman
Following opening of 1NT and an overcall of 2D or higher, how does responder use Stayman convention to ask opener for majors?
Cuebid overcaller's suit:
1NT, 2D, 3D (meaning the same as 2C without the overcall)
When is Jacoby convention used?
By responder to a 1NT opening by partner to shift suit contract to the opener who has the stronger hand hiding it from opponents' view
What is responder's response to partner's 1NT opening with 5+ hearts?
5+ spades?
2D with 5+ hearts
2H with 5+ spades
What is 1NT opener's rebid after a transfer?
following 2D response
following 2H response
Bid 2H in response to 2D
Bid 2S in response to 2H
This puts opener in the contract keeping hand out of view if auction won in this suit.
Conventions after 2NT opening bid
Jacoby transfer to hearts?
Jacoby transfer to spades?
Stayman: 3C
Jacoby transfer to hearts: 3D
Jacoby transfer to spades: 3H
What to open with 22+ points in hand?
Artificial with no meaning regarding Club strength
This is a Forcing bid to partner
What is responder's usual response following opener's 2C?
Do you respond with zero points?
This is an artificial "waiting bid" allowing opener to describe hand further
You must respond even with no points.
What is required for a "positive" response, rather than a 2D "waiting" response to a 2C opening?
8+ high card points
Give examples of "positive" responses following 2C opening
2NT: balanced hand with 8+ points
2H, 2S, 3C, 3D good 5 card suit with 2 of 3 top honors or 6+ card suit and 8+ points
Cheaper Minor Negative:
responder's rebid following 2C / 2D / ? bidding sequence
Shows a weak hand when opener shows a strong unbalanced hand with 2C / 2D / suit bid ...
Show appropriate responses using this convention:
Responder's bidding:
2C / 2D / 3D - bid 3NT
2C / 2D / 3C - bid 3D
2C / 2D / 2H or 2S - bid 3C
If opener rebids same suit, then pass
2C opener's rebid with a balanced hand:
22-24 points: 2NT
25-27 points 3NT
28-30 points 4NT