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Killing and Letting die
-having some one killed isn't killing them
-active/ passive
Liberty (John Straut Mill)
the right to opinion, expression, freedom of actions with/o harm to others, privacy.
Libertarianism (John Hosper)
-the right to privacy, freedom of speech, property, and pursuit of happiness.
-the right to not use force
-force is the danger in government
-function of the government
Who Needs Marriage (Rouch)?
-marriage is for religion, tradition, children
-for homosexual marriage and their able to marry.
Active Euthanasia (Rachels)
-direct action to kill a patient
-is considered wrong
-two types involuntary (Capital Punishment)/ voluntary (Suicide)
Passive Euthanasia (Rachels)
-with holding treatment and allowing a patient to die
-is considered allowable
-involuntary (Terry Shivo)/ Voluntary (refusal of treatment).
Duty to Die (John Hardwig)
-irrelavent because of medicine and wealth
-family /loved ones
-objections like burdens
Who has the Duty to die?
-if there is an outcome of signifigant burdens, financial hardship, old age, fulfilled life, sacrafices, and ect.
Sexuality & Marriage
(Corvino) & (Rouch)
Rouch believes- marriage is for procreaction, family units, and children
Corvino believes- unnatural is not accurate reasons
Both- believe in same sex marriage
Paternalism (Dworkin)
-interference of a person's liberty for his or her own good.
-ex: seatbelt
Ethics of Addiction (Thomas Szasz)
-"right to self medicate with limitations"
-"Forbidden fruit" syndrome
Standard Arguements against drugs (JQ. Wilson)
-Utility/ Harm/ $
-"Gateway"/ "Forbidden Fruit"
Ideas of the reality of addiction (Shapiro)
-whats addictive?
-environment (Setting + Mindset)
-behaivor (those lead to a behaivor)