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a vast national recreation agency, set up club houses in almost every town and village
What is a global shift, beginning in England in the mid-18th century, from hand-tools to machines that began to top the balance of power toward people in their struggle versus nature?
Industrial Revolution
The overnight transformation of Russia from an agricultural into an industrial country
Five year plan
mass meetings
Nuremberg rallies
art of soviet Union meant to install values useful to the ruling regimes
socialist realism
Led Spanish military forces to revolt againist the democratic government in 1936
General Francisco Franco
What are bands of black-shirted armed Fascists who were organized by Benito Mussolini to attack socialists strikes?
excluded German Jews from German citizenship and forbade marriages between Jews and German citizens. Separated Jews from Germans politically, socially, and legally
Hitler wrote this, an autobiographical account of his movement and its basic ideas
Mein Kampf
Mussolini ruled as this, also known as leader
Il duce
Gave Hitlers later acts a legal basis. It have the government the power to ignore the constitution for 4 years while it issued laws that dealt with the countrys problems
Enabling Act
many small holdings brought together into a single unit for joint operation under government supervision
Living space, through expansion as well as the right of superior individuals to secure authoritarian leadership over the masses
Hitler's idea was that the partys name would distinguish the Nazi's from the socialist parties
National Socialist German Workers Party
women played a crucial role in the Aryan racial state as bearers of the children who, it was believed, would bring about the triumph of this
Aryan Race
What is a modified version of capitalism put into effect by Vladimir Zenin in Russia in 1921?
New Economic Policy
teaching staff made up of architects, artists, and designers. Combined fine arts and applied arts.
hostility toward or discrimination againist Jews as a religious group
A small area of 109 acres with Rome, also known as Vatican City, created in 1929
Zateran Accords
League of combat made in 1919 by Mussolini
Fascio di Combatlimento
What is a government that aims control toward the politcal, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of its citizens?
totalitarism state
A comittee that was the leading policy maner of the COmmunist Party
He had come to Lenins attention after staging a dark bank robbery to get funds for the Bolshevik cause
Joseph Stalin
"night of shattered glass" a phase of anti-Jewish activity
The viennese composer wrote piano suite in which he used a scale composed of 12 notes free of any tonal key, music was like abstract paintings
Arnold Schonberg
reality beyond the material world, fantasies, dreams, and nightmares, led by the Dada's