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63 nations signed this accord written by us secretary of state, Frank B. Kellogg and french foreign minister, Aristide Briand.These nations pledged to renounce war as an instrument of national policy
Kellogg-Briand Pact
required government labor and industrial leaders to work out regulations for each industry. declared unconstitutional by US supreme court
National REcovery Administration(NRA)
the spending of government funds raised by borrowing rather than tax action
deficit spending
wilsons plan to return economic and political life back to normal
return to normalcy
named after american banker who chaired the commision, 1st reduced reparations. It tied Germanys annual payments to its abiltity to pay. Granted an initial $200 million loan for Germany recovery
Dawes Plan
consisted of the right of collective bargaining, a 40 hr work week, 2 week paid vacations and minimum wages
New deal
art of soviet Union meant to install values useful to the ruling regimes
socialist realism
which guaranteed Germanys new western borders with france and belgium
Treaty of Locarno
german demoncratic state was plagued by a series of problems faced economic problems
Weimer Republic
the viennese composer wrote piano suite in which he used a scale composed of 12 notes free of any tonal key, music was like anstract paintings
Arnold Schonberg
led new German government, the government ended the policy of passive resistance
Gustavs tresemann
used "stream of consciousness"..technique one of the most famous writers, wrote Ulysses in 1922.
James Joyce
German writer, dealt with the unconscious in a quite different fashion. His novels feflected the influence of both Freud's psychology and Eastern religions
Herman Hesse