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What are 2 disadvantages of heat disinfection?
Can't be used with group IV. Cooks proteins on lenses.
What is an advantage of heat disinfection?
Cheap: store in saline to heat lenses.
Stand out feature of Opti-Free Express?
Contains Aldox preservative that allows "Stand Alone" disinfectant approval.
Preservatives in Opti-Free Express
Aldox and Polyquaternium (polyquad)
Cleaner in Opti-Free Express
Sodium Citrate (non-surfactant cleaner)
"No Rub" does not mean no rubbing required. What does it mean?
Cleaning is done by rinsing the lenses, 5 secs each side upon removal.
What type of lenses is Opti-Free RepleniSH designed for?
Silicon hydrogels
Stand out feature of Opti-Free RepleniSH?
TearGlyde (attracts moisture to lenses)
What solution replaced SoloCare?
Aquify (Ciba)
Stant out features of Aquify (Ciba)?
5 minute soak time, with rubbing. Silver in case (Progaurd) has natural antibacterial property.
Preservatives in Aquify?
Polyhexanide (biguanide), EDTA (chelating agent)
What allows Aquify to have a better fluid retention in lens?
Dexpant-5 and sorbitol to bind water to lens.
Preservatives in Complete (AMO)
Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMD), EDTA
Stand out feature of Complete
"No Rub", hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (enhances comfort as a viscosity agent, nuetralize biguanide)
What is hydroxymethylcellulose similar to?
Carboxymethylcellulose in Refresh.
Preservatives in ReNu Multiplus (B&L)?
What is the unique protein remover in ReNu Multiplus?
Hydranate (chelates calcium, allowing protein to be removed from lens)
What is the history behind ReNu MoistureLoc?
ReNu Multiplus was reformulated so there was no staining with SiHy. Pulled off market b/c of fungal keratitis.
What type of solution is Boston Simplus (Polymer)
RGP multipurpose solution
Preservatives in Boston Simplus.
Chlorhexidine and Polyaminopropyl biguanide.
Unique feature of Boston Simplus.
Instructions are to digitally clean after soak.
Bostom Simplus: other notes
Good protein remover, 2nd generation MPS for RGPs from Polymer.
Unique pH (Alcon)
Preservatives of Unique pH (Alcon)
Polyquad and EDTA
Stand out feature of Unique pH?
Viscosity changes according to pH of tears, tailoring it to patient's needs.
What type of patient is a multi-bottle system good for?
Long term replacement schedules.
Cleaner in AOSept (Ciba)
Main ingredient in AOSept
Isopropyl alcohol, makes it antimicrobial.
Other points about AOSept
Extra strength cleaner, probably best soft contact lens cleaner made, not very good for RGPs, but good for in-office cleaning of RGP's prior to diagnostic fit.
Clear Care (Ciba)
"One bottle" peroxide system, put surfactant cleaner in peroxide, rinse lenses in basket for 5 secs with clear care, then soak.
Boston Original
CLEANER: abrasive with silica, not good for softer, higher Dk lenses. CONDITIONER: very viscous for lens surface wettability, preserved w/ chlorhexadine and EDTA.
A MSP, but has benzyl alcohol as preservative so can't put in eye. Must rinse lens, then apply optimum rewetting drops before insertion. Great system for lipid depositors and allergies.
Which system is great for lipid depositors and allergies?
Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner
Used weekly or PRN
Enzyme products
Used to remove bound protein from lenses. Traditionally used once a week. Tablets, vials, saline or MPS: very cumbersome to use, very poor compliance. Newer products are liquid drops.
Enzyme product. Pancreatin, low concentration intended for daily use. One drop in lens well along with daily solution. MUST rinse lens prior to insertion. For soft lenses probably the most compliance b/c of ease of use.
Boston Liquid Enzyme
Subtilisin A. Weekly product for RGPs, 2 drops in each well. Must rinse lense prior to insertion.