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When was the const. Written?
When was the const. rattified?
What was the original purpose of the delegates to this city?
Revise the Articles of Confederation
In what city did the Const. Convention meet?
what dovument was the first written government of the U.S?
Articles of Confederation
Name three ppl who were on the commitee to write the declaration?
John Adams, Tomas Jefferson, Ben Franlin
How many states did it take to ratify the constitution?
what part of the const. provides for the protection of ppl's rights?
Bill of rights
How is the const. most often changed?
elastic clause; court interpretation
what is due process?
allows you the right to an attorney
how many years is a term for the president?
4 yrs each
When was the bill of rights written?
When was the bill of rights ratified?
Full faith and credit clause is....
State to state
How often are senate re-elected and how many
every 2 years and 1/3 are re-elected
amendments are proposed by a...
2/3 vote...Proposed by congress
amendments are approved by a...
3/4 vote...Approved by states
what makes a country democratic?
ppl actively participate int he desicion making process
Defien Popular Sovereignty...
the government belongs to the ppl and is delegated by them to their elected officials
Define Limited Government...
the government is not all powerfull and may only do what the ppl permit
into what three branches have we seperated the pwers of government?
Why do we have checks and balances?
to prevent one branch from becoming to powerfull
Define Federalism...
The division of power between state and national government
Define Judicial Review...
Courts ability to declare and act of the president an act of congress or an act of a state legislature unconstitutional
Describe what Legislative branch does...
they are congress and they make laws
Describe what the Executive branch does...
Its the president and he enforces the law
Describe what Judicial branch does...
They are the supreme court and they interpret laws
Who impeaches?
Who tries?
how many votes needed to override a presidential Veto?
2/3 in each house
What is the Full Faith and credit clause?
regulates relationships between states.
Where must all money bills start?
what is the most powerfull power that congess has to check the president?
Who is responsible for conducting most of our foreign policy?
What is the president's most powerfull check over the actions of congress
What is the cabinet?
Body of individuals developed out of custom that advise the president
How does a presidential candidate get nominated for office?
national party convention
how are presidential appointments to offices such as the supreme court or the cabinet approved?
Who elects the President?
Electoral College
Explain winner takes all system...
If you win, you take everything. All electoral votes are yours
Name the two judicial systems that exist in the U.S
National court system
State court system
If no one wins the majority vote who decides who wins?>
Define Original Jurisdiction..
Ability to hear cases for the first time...Original trial form
Define Appellate Jurisdiction...
Ability to hear cases on Appeal
what sort of jurisdiction does the supreme court have?
What sort of jurisdiction does the U.S Court appeals have?
What sort of jurisdiction does the U.S District have?
WHat is the purpose of DUE PROCESS?
it assures an accused person the right to a fair trial
Who is the final authority on questions of Constituionality?
U.S. Supreme COurt
How many years does a member of house serve?
How many years does a member of senate serve?
How long is the residency requirement for a house member?
must live in state
How long is the residency requirement for a senate member?
must live in state
How long is the residency requirement for a president?
14 yrs of being a citizen
How long is the citizenship requirement for a president?
must be natural born
How long is the citizenship requirement for a house member?
How long is the citizenship requirement for a senate member?
How many presidents?
How many senate?
how many reps?