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how are supreme court justices nominated
the president selects them, andthey are approved by the senate in a majority vote
what is included in the federal court system? where are these courts detailed
supreme court, appellate courts, and the district courts. constitution
can the writ of habeas corpus be suspended
in certain instances
who controls the slave trade
can states print money
who regulates the appellate jurisdiction of the supreme court
who controls commerce between the states
do states have the right to enter into commercial treaties with foreign countries?
how many members does the constitution suggest be in the supreme court?
what is the presidents role in the armed forces
who can declare war
must a person be a natural born citizen to be a senator?
where must a candidate for the house of reps live
his legislative district
where does primary sovereignty lie? according to what?
in the states, the preamble
in impeachment trials, where should the jury come from?
the state and district where the crime was committed
how are ambassadors selected
they are appointed by the president, but must be approved by both houses of congress
what is the supreme courts function in most cases?
a court of apeal
how does the president check the judicial branch?
appointing federal judges and granting pardons
where must trials be held?
the state in which the alleged crime was committed
when can there be a trial without a jury?
if a citizen waives their right
how are treaties made?
congress makes them, and the president must sign
who must sign a declaration of war?
the president
what does it take to deprive a judge of his seat?
he must be impeached, and senate must make a 2/3 vote to deprive him of his seat
what is a bill of attainder?
a bill designed to punish a particular person
what do amendments require?
a 2/3rds vote in both houses and president's signature
where must a criminal go to appeal their conviction at a federal district court?
us court of appeals
what has the ultimate authority>
federal law
how is an attorney general selected
president must appoint, senate must approve in majority vote
how many states had to approve the constitution of 1789
9 states had to approve it for it to be ratified
how many of senate seates are up for election each year?
how were senators selected in the original constitution
selected by state legislatures
how are electors in electoral college selected?
any way state legislatures want
can a senator be impeached?
when does the president of the senate have a vote?
when there is a tie
does the speaker of the house have a vote?
who has the power of impeachment?
house of reps
what is the supremacy clause?
Constitution, Federal Statutes, and U.S. treaties as "the supreme law of the land."
after how many days is an unsigned bill considered a veto?
where do tax bills originate
house of reps