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when does the supreme court have original jurisdiction?
in cases affecting embassadors, public ministers and consuls, and cases in which a state is a party
when a crime is not committed within a state, where is the trial held?
place or places where congress says
how is treason defined in the constitution?
raising war against united states, or giving enemies of US aid or comfort
what is required for a person to be convicted of treason?
the testimony of two witnesses, or their open confession in court
who declares the punishment for treason?
what does article III detail?
the judicial branch
what does article VI detail?
the legal status of the constitution
what does article V detail?
the amendment process
what does it take for an amendment to be proposed?
2/3rds of both houses must deem it necessary, or 2/3rds of state legislatures of several states must propose a convention
how many states must ratify an amendment for it to be valid?
3/4ths of several states
what does article IV detail?
the states
if a person charged with a crime escapes the state in which it was committed, what happens?
the state which he fled to must give him up to the state where he committed the crime
what if someone held to service or labor in one state escapes to another state?
must be delivered back to the state he escaped from
what does it take for a state to be formed within a state, or two states to come together to form one state?
the approval of the state legislature and congress
who regulates the territories and other properties of the united states?
what does the united states guaruntee every government? in which article is this found?
a republican government, protection from invasion. article IV
what does article I detail?
the legislative branch
how often are representatives selected?
every two years
what are the requirements for a representative?
25 years old, citizen of US for seven years, live in the state in which he shall be chosen
what happens when there is a vacancy in the representation of a state?
the executive authority of the state shall issue a writ of election to fill the vacancies
who has the sole power of impeachment?
the house of representatives
how many senators does each state have?
how many classes are senators divided into? what are the differences between these classes?
three: 1st class evacuated every second year, 2nd class every fourth year, 3rd class every 6th year
what happens if their is a vancy in the senate?
the ecutive of the state may make a temp. appointment until the next meeting of the legislature
what are the requirements for senator?
30 years old, nine years citizen, be an inhabitant of the state for which he will be chosen
who is the president of the senate?
the vice president
who has the power to try impeachments?
the senate
what does it require for a conviction?
2/3rds vote
where do bills for raising revenue originate
house of reps
what does it take to override a presidnetial veto?
a 2/3rds vote in both houses
if a president does not return a bill within 10 days, what happens?
it becomes a law
what does article II detail?
the presidency
what are the requirements for the president?
35 years old, fourteen years resident of US, natural born citizen or citizen of US
how many electors does each state have
equal to the number of its senators and representatives
who appoints electors
state legislature
who cannot be an elector?
no one holding trust/profit under US
what happens if a presidential or vice presidential candidate does not have the majority of the electoral college
president- house of reps
vice president- senate
what war time power does the president have
call out troops in an emergency
what role does the president play in making a treaty
he is the negotiator, the senate approves
when can a president be impeached?
treason, bribery, high crime/misdemeanor
if the president elect dies after the general election, what happens?
electoral college elects presidnet
what are the presidents four options with a bill
pocket veto, veto,pocket pass, sign it