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Ammendments 1-10 Called?
Bill of Rights
Township divided into how many lots?
36 lots, 1 square mile each, 640 acres. 1 for Schools, 4 for war vets.
Constitutional Convention, Where, Why, When?
Where: Philadelphia, PA
Why: Create a proper constitution to run a gov. which made the country strong but not to the same level as in Monarchies.
When: 1787
Virginia Plan
1787 plan for gov. which would divide the gov into 3 branches.
Legislative Representation to be determined by Sate Population.
New Jersey Plan
Unicameral Gov. With Representation not based on Population.
Land Ordinance of 1785
Supposed to solve Western land issues, pay for war debt. Split into townships and sold for a min. of $1/acre.
Northwest Land Ordinance of 1787
Created to Northwest Territory. Was to become at the least 3 states and at the most 5 states. Set up a system for new states to be formed, set up political system in NW territory. If a state had 60,000 residents it could become a part of the Union.
Great Compromise
1787 agreement made at constitutional convention which compromised to put both the New Jersey and Virginia plans into the Constitution resulting with Representatives (Lower House) being elected by Population and Giving two Senators (From the Upper house or Senate) To all states.
System of government where power is distributed between individual states and central gov.
Division of Powers
Giving power to all parts of government.
Separation of Powers
The division of powers among the different branches of government as well as the state and central gov. which prevented one branch from overpowering another.