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1st in War, 1st in Peace and 1st in the hearts of his countrymen
George Washington
Favored a strong Central government.
Imagined a nation of great cities with busy factories.
Alexander Hamilton
Best government is the least government. Imagined a peaceful land of self-suffficient farmers.
Thomas Jefferson
Bill of Rights
1st 10 amendments of the Constitution.
Preamble of the Constitution
We the People of the United States...
Listed reasons for establishing the Constitution.
Articles of Confederation
Government COULD
declare war.
make laws.
Could Not
enforce laws
require men to join the army
make taxes
James Madison
"Father of the Constitution"
Wrote most of the Constitution
How did James Madison contribute to the Constitution?
Took Notes of Constitutional Convention
Wrote his idea of a new constitution with a strong central government
Presidents Cabinet
Presidents advisors
War Department
Responsible for defense of our country

Secretary of Defense
Treasury Departnment
responsible for all things having to do with money.

Secretary of the Treasury
State Department
Responsible for things having to do with other countries of "foreign affairs."
Secretary of State
John Adams
2nd President of US
Attorney General
next in line to be president after VP
Political Parties
Federalist-Strong Central Gov't.
Republicans-Weak Central Gov't.