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Introduction to the Constitution
Year the Constitution was written. James Madison wrote the most, and got states to come around to a federal system. Wrote much of "The Federalist Papers".
Article I
Congress. 2 houses. Money related things. Declare War. Set up Federal Courts. Impeach Federal Officials. Create and regulate Post Office. Standards. Highways. Admit new territories as states.Immigration, naturalization. Approve, disapprove treaties.
Judicial Review
Ability to declare laws unconstitutional, from Marbury vs Madison (John Marshal)
Article 3
Judicial Branch
Court System
1 Supreme Court, 9 Justices
Courts of Appeals,12 courts
District Courts, 91 courts
Article 4
describes how inter-state relationships and the relationship between states and the federal gov
Article 5
1) 2/3 proposal of Congress or State Legislatures

2)3/4 all states must ratify
Article 6
Supremacy Clause

Constitution is Supreme law of the land.
Article 7
Constitution will become law of land when 9 out of 13 states approve. happened in 1788
Amendment I
Freedom of speech, religion, the press, assembly, petition the gov.
Amendment II
Amendment III
Don't need to house soldiers
Amendment IV
protection against illegal search and seizures. Need a warrant for that offica.
Amendment V
Rights in Criminal Cases
Serious crimes must be indicted by Grand Jury
Can't be forced to testify against yourself
No double Jeopardy
Due Process(fair trial)
Amendment VI
Right to fair Trial
Must be told What Crime charged with
Right to Speedy and public trial
Right to representation
Right to question witnesses