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Senator qauflications
30, 9 years citizen,live in state
House qaulifications
25, 7 years a citizen, live in state
President qaulifications
35, born in US, lived in US for 14 years, can't be from same state an VP
Establish justice
make laws
domestic tranquility
peace at home
common defense
people's defense
secure the blesiing of liberty
people are free
those after you
put into action
Article 1
Legislative branch, two houses, 10 sections
two houses,make laws, can override a presidents veto
Executive Branch
President, cabinet, veto laws, makes treaties.
Judical Branch
declare laws unconsitutuional
ex post facto law
a law punishing someone for a crime committed befoe the law was put in place.
hapeas corpus
suspending citizens rights
Checks and Balances
a system of goverment wher one branch isn't more powerful than another.