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Define Conservatism.
Defined in part as an emphasis on tradition as a source of wisdom that goes beyond what can be demonstrated or even explicitly stated.
What does conservatism favor?
- In favor of hierarchy
- In favor of past tradition
- In favor of elitism in power structure
Which philosopher questioned the ability of reason to explain human behavior?
Edmund Burke
Leo Strauss thought what lacked value?
What did St. Augustine think humans were incapable of?
Social improvement
What two instincts do humans have according to Freud?
Love and Death
Ortega Gasset belived...
Hierarchy was necessary and in preserving past traditions.
Define nationalism.
ideology that holds that a nation is the fundamental unit for human social life
Opponents of nationalism believe..
ideology that holds that a nation is the fundamental unit for human social life
Proponnents of nationalism believe...
- Nationalism is more decisive than any other ideology
- Positive force, it safeguards some of the fantastic art and literature
- Gives us some sense of belonging and community
What was Hegals Dialectical Logic?
Everything changes at all times, every phenomenon produces its opposite
What was Hegels Theory of Labor?
Labor has emancipatory power, it is liberating, brings about a transformation
What is Hegels Theory of state?
has three institutions 1. Family 2. Civil Society 3. State
What is Hegel's theory of historicism?
You must study everything within its historical context
What is materialist ideology?
Before we were ever born there was a material world already and we had to adopt and adjust