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What is the point of conservational science?
To conserve biological diversity

Species diversity greatly benefits humans in form of meds and uses in Biotech industry for example
Name what these contribute

Gil Monster Saliva

Periwinkle plant

Yellowstone archaebacteria

Lesser long nosed bat involvement with the cardon cactus
Saliva compound used for type two diabetes - Binds to insulin receptor and is helpful for diabetic treatment

Source of cancer treatment

Spawned biotech industry and is used in everyday research labs

If you lose the bat, you lose the cactus population - they are essential in the pollination process. Keystone species
What does ecosystems provide in general?
Purify air and water
-Detoxification and decompose wastes
-Cycle nutrients
- Moderation of weather extremes
What are the three levels of Biodiversity?

What are four major threats to these?

Most importantly Habitat destruction
then - introduced species
Disrupting communities interaction (Removing keystone species)
What does fragmentation of landscapes do?
Produces species who lives in forest edge and one that lives in forest interior.
-These small populations lose genetic variation (Genetic drift), inbreeding can occur and the are suceptible to demographic fluctuations.
What is the Founder Effect?

Why does founder effect lead to loss of biodiversity??
When environment is invaded by only a few members of a species, when then multiply rapidly. There is a sharp loss in genetic variation compared with the parent population as a result - they can be genetically and phenotypically different from parent population they derived from (Also inbreeding occurs) Happens commonly on islands.

What is wrong with small populations?
Genetic drift - Lack of genetic variation

Causes inbreeding

Susceptible to demographic fluctuations
Name two species who's population has been helped with translocation, increasing genetic variation
Florida Panthers

Greater Prairie Chicken
How can bighorn sheep survive living in small populations?
Metapopulations are buffered from extinction by recolonization – Bighorn sheep can maintain their small populations as long as they can maintain their connections btw isolated selections of habitats (Overpass used to promote these connections)
What is an introduced Species?
What does it do?
Why is it able to do this?
Give Example
A species that humans move from it's native location to another location.

The usually can gain a foothold in a new habitat and disrupt the adopted community.

In it's new environment, it does not have existing predators, therefore it's population will become overly dense.

Argentine ANts - displaced nearly all native ant species.
Name three factors that contribute to a greater multitude of Bird species in canyons
If the canyon is bigger - More species can exist there

If the canyon is younger - species have had less time to go extinct

If the canyon has a top predator (Coyote) that rids the mesopredator of cats for the birds. Presence of top predator lowers the density and the activit of these mesopredators.

Best to have Large young canyons with top predators to increase Bird populations
Where should we be doing Biodiversity conservation?

Why is california at risk?
In the hot spots, including San Diego

Relatively small area with an exceptional concentration of endemic species and a large number of endangered and threatened species.

California has a high level of endemism due to mediterranean climate and it's seperated from inhospitable deserts and mountains

There is a high level of threat due to habitat destruction, esp in San diego where we have population pressure and people want to develop - there is also low public awareness.
What is the current model for biodiversity conservations?
Multi Species planning

Attempts to conserve large tracts with viable population of most species

No surprises - Is a trade off, if you save a parcel of land and it endangers one species, it is worth is to save ten others.