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What is connective tissue derived from?
Mesenchymal cells
What is connective tissue composed of?
Cells and extracellular matrix
What composes the extracellular matrix
fibers, amorphous ground substance, fluid, and sometimes mineral deposits
What do fibroblasts do?
Make fibers and ground substance
What are fixed macrophages?
resting phagocytic cells
How are fatty acids stored in adipocytes?
as glycerol esters
What roles do adipocytes play?
nervous and hormonal control
What do plasma cells do?
Produce and secrete antibodies
What are their source?
blood lymphocytes that cross and transform
What do mast cells do?
Allergic reactions: bind IgE and when foreign substances are present, causes degranulation and thus inflammation
What are the two types of mast cells?
connective tissue mast cells
mucosal mast cells
What type of cells can become smooth muscle?
adventitial cells
What are the source of macrophages?
-activation of fixed macrophages
-immigration and transformation of monocytes from blood
How does collagen form?
1.synth. as polypep. on RER of fibroblasts or other cells
2.Hydroxyl Group added in RER
3.Sugar groups added in Golgi
-secreted as procollagen
4.Ends clipped to form tropocollagen
5.Self assembles into fibrils, fibers, and bundles
What two non-standard amino acids are seen in collagen?
Hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine
*provide H-bonding stability to tropocollagen
What is the composition of ground substance?
GAG's - polysaccharides w/ repeating disacc. units
Proteoglycans - core proteins w/sidearms of GAG's and oligosacc chains
Glycoproteins - proteins w/one or more oligosacc. chain
What are the 2 types of adipose tissue?
Unilocular (common, yellow) fat
Mutilocular (brown) fat - high mitochondrial content; seen in newborns;thermogenic via oxidative phosphorylation
What are the functions of the mononuclear phagocyte system?
1.bind, ingest, and degrade inert materials, pathogens, worn-out cell, etc...
2.Assist in immune response
3.Secrete hydrolytic enzymes
4.Recycle iron