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What is Areolar (loose) connective tissue?
C/ Gel-like matrix with collagen, elastic, and reticular fibres; cells are fibroblasts, macrophages, and mast cells.
L/ Subcutaneous layer of skin, around blood vessels and nerves
F/ Connects skin to muscles, cushions organs, plays role in inflammation.
What is Adipose Tissue?
C/ Matrix as in areolar but sparse; composed of ring-shaped fat cells with nuclei near the edge of the ring; center of cell filled with lipid.
L/ Subcutaneous layer of skin, surrounding organs.
F/ Reserve food fuel, support, insulation.
What is Dense regular connective tissue?
C/ Parallel collagen fibers with fibroblast cells
L/ Tendons and most ligaments
F/ Attach muscle to bone, or bone to bone.
What is Dense irregular connective tissue?
C/ Irregularly arranged collagen fibres with fibroblast cells.
L/ Dermis of skin, fibrous capsule of organs and joints
F/ Provides support and structural strength.
What is Reticular Connective Tissue?
C/ Reticular fibers in a loose ground substance
L/ Lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow>
F/ Support
What is Hyaline Cartilage?
C/ Semi solid matrix; collagen fibers form glossy appearance; cells are chondrocytes in lacunae
L/ Costal cartilage, ends of long bones, nasal septum, trachea
F/ Support, resists compressive stress.
What is Elastic Cartilage?
C/ Same as hyaline except abundance of elastic fibers
L/ External ear, epiglottis, eustachian tubes
F/ Supports with greater flexibility
What is Fibrocartilage?
C/ Similar but less firm and glossy than hyaline
L/ Intervertebral disc, pubic symphysis
F/ Tensile strength, absorb shock
What is Bone?
C/ Solid matrix with collagen fibers and inorganic salts; osteocytes in lacunae arranged in Haversian systems.
L/ Bones
F/ Supports, protects, provide lever for muscles in locomotion.
What is Blood?
C/ Erythrocytes, leukocytes, and within blood vessels thrombocytes in a fluid matrix (plasma).
L/ Within Blood Vessels
F/ Transport of nutrients, wastes, and respiratory gases.