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si ... amavissem
If I had loved
si ... amavisses
If you had loved
si ... amavisset
If he/she/it had loved
si ... amavissemus
If we had loved
si ... amavissetis
If all of you had loved
si ... amavissent
If they had loved
si ... monuissem
If I had advised
si ... monuisses
If you had advised
si ... monuisset
If he/she/it had advised
si ... monuissemus
If we had advised
si ... monuissetis
If all of you had advised
si ... monuissent
If they had advised
si ... egissem
If I had driven
si ... egisses
If you had driven
si ... egisset
If he/she/it had driven
si ... egissemus
If we had driven
si ... egissetis
If all of you had driven
si ... egissent
If they had driven
si ... fecissem
If I had made
si ... fecisses
If you had made
si ... fecisset
If he/she/it had made
si ... fecissemus
If we had made
si ... fecissetis
If all of you had made
si ... fecissent
If they had made
si ... audivissem OR audiissem
If I had heard
si ... audivisses OR audiisses
If you had heard
si ... audivisset OR audiisset
If he/she/it had heard
si ... audivissemus OR audiissemus
If we had heard
si ... audivissent OR audiissent
If they had heard
si ... audivissetis OR audiissetis
If all of you had heard
si ... fuissem
If I had been
si ... fuisses
If you had been
si ... fuisset
If he/she/it had been
si ... fuissemus
If we had been
si ... fuissetis
If all of you had been
si ... fuissent
If they had been