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Lodgepole Pine
Pinus Contorta

Smallest Conifer Cone
Bishop Pine
Pinus muricata

2 n/b

Small cone, backside has prickles
Torrey Pine
Pinus torreyana

5 n/b

Big Triangle tips
Western White Pine
Pinus monticola

5 n/b

Banana cone
Limber Pine
Pinus flexilis

5 n/b
Short needles
Thick tips on cone
Coulter Pine
Pinus coulteri

3 n/b
Biggest cone
Jeffrey Pine
Pinus Jeffreyi

Gentle Jeffrey
Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata

3 n/b

3-5 flowered cones
Single leaf Pinyon
Pinus monophylla

Pinyon cone

Colorado Pinyon Pine
Pinus edulis

Pinyon Cone
Gray Pine
Pinus sabiniana

Like Coulter but squattier
Prickly but wider than Ponderosa
Ponderosa Pine
Pinus ponderosa

Prickly Ponderosa
Knobcone Pine
Pinus attenuata

Knobby backside
Bristlecone Pine
Pinus longaeva
Sugar Pine
Pinus lambertiana


Longest cone
Parry Pinyon Pine
Pinus quadrifolia

Pinyon cone
Engelmann Spruce
Pinus engelmannii

Foliage: Point toward tip
Rough Banana
Location: Subalpline
California Red Fir
Abies magnifica

Hockey sticks
"Fir Cone"
Grand Fir
Abies Grandis

Different Needle Lengths
White Fir
Abies concolor

Foliage twisted @ base
"Fir Cone"
Western Larch
Larix occidentalis
Sitka Spruce
Picea sitchensis

Perpendicular twigs
Rough Banana
Western Hemlock
Tsuga heterophylla

3d Spray
Small smooth cones
Coastal Only
Mountain Hemlock
Tsuga mertensiana

3d Spray
Small Smooth cones
Subalpine Only
Douglar Fir
Pseudotsuga menzeisii var. menziesii

Dog tails
Smaller cone
Big Cone Douglas Fir
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa

Dog tails
Larger cone
Subalpine Fir
Abies lasiocarpa

Conifer cone
Location: KLamath Mountains
Incense Cedar
Calocedrus decurrens

duckbill cone
Western Redcedar
Thuja plicata

Rope Like
Canoe underside
Monterey Cypress
Cypressus macrocarpa

Rope Like
Big soccer balls
Sargant Cypress
Cupressus sargentii

Rope Like
Soccer ball cone
California Juniper
Juniperus california

Rope Like
Berry like cone
Sierra Juniper
Juniperus occidentalis var australis

Rope like
Berry like cone
California Nutmeg
Torreya california

Long Stiffy pointy
Pacific Yew
Taxus brevifolia

Short Stiff Pointy Leaflets

Note: Poisonous to wildlife
Sequoia sempervirens

small exploded cones
Giant Sequoia
Sequoiadendron giganteum

Awl like leaflets
Bigger exploded cones