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What is the basic function of government in a democratic society?
it's to translate the public will into public policy in the form of law.
What is bicameral and unicameral?
two houses and one house.
What is sine die?
it is one house adjourning without the other.
*Extra Credit*
What states all have but one representative in the house?
Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, Vermont, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.
Vacancies in the house may be filled in only one-way: by what?
by a special election called for by the governor of the state in question.
What refers to candidates who are elected by all the voters in a state?
What are the representatives qualifications?
must be 25 years old, a citizen for 7 years, and a resident of that particular state.
What dictates that a representative live reside in his district?
Political custom
What decides on any challenge to one of its seats?
the house itself.
How many senators are there?
What is their serve term?
The senate is thought of as a continuous body because?
The qualifications are?
a six-year term
only 1/3 of its members must stand for re-election every two years
30 years old, 9 years as a citizen and must be an inhabitant of that particular state.
Congress _______ a representative cross-section of our population
is not
What is the "errand boy" concept?
a feeling by some congressmen that they were elected to do nothing else but favors for various constituents.
Who fixes their own salary,and is subject to veto or voter boo-hoo's?
Members of congress
The concept of what prtoects congressmen from lawsuits and arrest while on congressional business?
the legislative immunity
What are four things that congressmen usually vote according to one of the following rationales?
A) As a trustee, one who votes on each measure according to its merits.

B) As a delegate: one who sees himself as an agent for those who elected him

C) As a partisan: one who values party loyalty above else.

D) As a politico: one who attempts to combine elements of the first three.
The first day's session of congress is presided over by what?
the clerk of the house form the preceding term.
Who is that body's permanent presiding officer?
the speaker of the house.
The speaker is chosen from what?
the majority party.
The speaker can vote to what?
to either create or break a tie.
The vice-president presides over the senate. He can only vote to what?
to break a tie.
Who is the absence of the V.P. that presides over senate?
the president pre tempore.
Next to the speaker, the most important officers are what?
the majority and minority floor leaders....these are not official offices, they are merely party officials.
The majority leader plans what?
the order of business on the floor.
Party whips are? and they also make sure what?
assistant floor leaders.
everyone is there to vote when the time comes.
What is a party caucus?
it is a closed meeting of the member of each party in each house.
The bulk of the work in congress is done in what?
the committees.
The seniority rule is NOT a rule. It is an unwritten custom. Under this custom of what? --those with the longest record of congressional service.
the most important positions go to the "ranking members"
The permanent committees of congress are called what?
There are ___ in the senate, ___ in the house.
They are the engines of the congressional lawmaking process....They function as what?--sifting through bills.
standing committees.
17 and 19
What controls each committee?
the majority party
The select committees are special committees created for what?
a temporary purpose such as major scandals and things of the like.
What is the "traffic cop" of th house?
The house rules committee.
The "oversight function" of congress gives it what?
the role of a watchdog.
What is a joint committee?
one that has members from both chambers of congress.
What is a conference committee?
a joint committee formed to iron out the different versions of the same bill that has been passed by both houses.
Bills are introduced into the house by dropping them into what?---a box on the wall just inside the entrance to the house.
the hopper.
Each bill gets what?
three readings.
The discharge rule is used for what?
to force a pigeonholed bill out of committee.
What bills can be brought for consideration at any time, interrupting other business if necessary?
The committee of the whole is a what?---that the device that the house sits not as itself, but as one large committee of itself. It allows freer debate and speed up business.
an old parliamentary device.
What is a majority of the full membership of either chamber?
a quorum.
The vote, "present" is used when a member wants what?
does not want to vote on a bill. it cannot be used during a veto override vote.
What describes a bill that is printed in its final form with all of the changes made?
What is called the "greatest deliberative body in the world that basically means that debate in the senate is almost unfettered."
The senate.