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Legislation that has asssed both Houses of Congress and has been either approved by the president, or passed over his veto, thus becoming a law. Also a term used to describe a bill that has passed one House of Congress
A meeting of Democratic Party member in the House, which elects party leaders and makes decisions on legislative business.
A system of limits imposed by the Constitution of the US on all branches of a govt by giving each branch the right to change or cancel the acts of another branch that fall w/in it jurisdiction
Checks and balances
After a House committe extensively amenda a bill, it often assembles its amendements and what is left of the beill into a new measure that one or more of its members introduces as a "clean bill". The reviesed measure is assigned a new number
Clean Bill
The traffic in goods, usually thought of as trade b/t stats or nations
House meeting in the form of a Committe. This speeds the consideration of legislation by lowering the quorum and streamlining procedures. All decisions taken require the approval of the full house.
Committe of the Whole
1. Republican members organization ithe House and Senate, and Democratic members organization in the Senate, which elects party leadres and makes decisions on legislative business.
2. A formal meeting, or series of meetings, b/t House and Senate Members held to reconcile the differences b/t the house and senate version of a bill
The senates constitutional duty to approve or reject presidential nominations
A person designated to act for or represent another or others; a deputy; representative, as in a political convention
2. A member of the House from American Samoa, Guam, Virgin Islands or D.C. Constituion prohibits them from voting on the House floor but allows them to vote in Committee
The final version or proposed legislation passed by one chamber. It includes any floor amendments
Engrossed Bill
A bundle of rods around an az with a projecting blade, representing strength in unty and legislative authority.
A union of states in which power is divided b/t a central govt and the state govt.
A box into which a proposed legislative bill is dropped and thereby officially introduced.
When a person or thing is not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc; thinking or acting for oneself.
A committee composed of Members selected from each House. The functions of most joint committees involve investigation, research, or oversight of agencies closely related to Congress. Permanent joint committees, created by statute, are sometimes called standing joint committees.
Joint Committee
A legislative measure that congress uses for purposes other than general legislation, often used in dealing w/ limited matters. Like a bill, it requires the approval of both Houses and the signature of the Pres to enact. When used to amend the Constitution it must be sent to the states for 3/4 approval.
Joint Resolution
The subjects or areas covered by a committee. When a bill is proposed, the bill is sent to the committee w/ the JURISDICTION over topics covered in a bill
A formal meeting of a house of Congress which begins w/ the call to order and opening of business and ends with adjournment. A LEGISLATIVE DAY may cover a pd. of several calendar days, with the house recessiing at the end of each calendar day, rather than adjourning
Legislative day
Symbol of office of the sergeant at arms used to signify the various states of the house and to restore order in the presence of an unruly member.
A legislatve bill, resolution, etc. that is proposed or has been enacted
A petition from congress to state legislatures, usu requesting some sort or legislation
A request or plea sent to one or both houses from an organization or private citizens group asking support for particular legislation. PETITIONs are referred to appropriate committees for action.
The number of Members in each house needed to conduct business (218 in house and 100in the committee of the whole and 51 in the senate
The process by which seats in the house or representatives are reassigned among the states to reflect population changes following the decennial census.
The process w/in the states of redrawing legislative district boundaries to reflect population changes following the decennial census.
A RESOLUTION is not a law, but a measure expressing opinion on policies or issues or a deal with the internal affaris of a house.
A platform for public speaking. In the house, the place from which the speaker presides
Teh pd. during which Congress assembles and carries on its regular business. By the Constituion, Cangress has two regular sessions; however, the pres may call conress into special SESSION
The final adjournemnt used to conclude a session of Congress
Sine Die
Bill and joint resolutions (except for those proposing conxtituional amendments) enactd by congress and approved by the pres (or enacted into law b/c the pres veto is overidden)
Statute Law
A practice in the House and Senate to set aside a rule of procedure, so as to expedite proceedings it is us. connectd with noncontroversial matters.
Unanimous Consent
A motion to stop action on apending proposal and to aly it aside indefinitely. When the Senate or House agress to a TABLING MOTION, the measure which has been tabled is effectively defeated.
Tabling Motion
Permanent House Committees that consider bills and issues andr ecommend measure for consideration by the full house.
Standing Committee
A proposal used to create rules of operation, or express the opinion of either house. Consideration and approval occurs only w/in the sponsoring Chamber.
Simple resolution
A comm. established by a resolution in either house for a special purpose and usu. for a limited tiem
Select Committee.
A call fo the roll in the house or senate to determine whether a quorum is present, to establish a quorum, or to vote on a question
Roll Call
A state or nation in which the supreme power rests in all the citizens entitle to vote. This power is excercixed by reps. elected, directly or indirectly, by them and resposible to them.
An interruption in the session of the House or Senate of a less formal nature than an adjournment.
Teh act of approval of a proposed constituional amendment by the legislatures of the states. 2. senate process of advce and consent to treaties negotiated by the pres.
A bill or joint resolution ( other than for amendments to the Const.) passed by both houses of Cong. and approved byt the pres. Bills and Joint resoluions vetoed by the pres and overidden by the cong. become PUBLIC LAW.
Public Law
The disapproval of a bill brought about by an indirect rejection by the president. Teh pres is granted 10 days, except sundays, to review a piece of legislation passed by Cong. Shoudl he fail to sign a piece of legislation and congress ahs adjourned w/in those days, the bill automatically dies.
Pocket Veto
Congressional enactment of a measure over the pres. veto. A veto OVERRIDE requires a recorded 2/3 vote of those voting in ea. house.
A person under the protection of a specific country. A citizen or Subject
Genreic term for one who serves in teh House of Reps. or Senate. 2. one who serves on a committee.
To change or alter the language of a bill
The power of teh exec. to disapprove of particular items of bill w/o having to disapprove teh entire thing.
Line-item veto
A rule of conduct extablished and enforced by the authority legislation or custom of a given community, state or nation.
A meeting of both Houses of Congress, customarily held in the house chamber, to count electoral votes, attend inaughurations or hear the presidential state of the union messages.
Joint session.
A formal approval to draw funds from the Treasury for specific purposes
Formally introduced legislation. Aproposed laqw requiring the approval of both houses and the signature of the pres to enact.
A list of bills resolutios or other matters to be considered b4 committees or on the floor of either house of Congress
A form of govt in wich the natl govt mantains power
Central Govt
A native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its govt and its entitled to its protection.
A seante procedure that limits further considereation of apending proposal to 30 hrs in order to end a filibuster.
A grp of members established in both houses for the purpose of considering lelgislation, conducting investigations and other duties as assigned.
A proposal used to express opinions ro amend rules of both houses. approval by both chambers is needed in order to adopt
Concurrent resolution
A temporary joint committee formed for teh purpose of resolving differences b/t the house on a measure or occasionally several measures.
conference Committee
A citizen residing in the district of a legislator.
An appropriations measure taht provides funding for agencies whose regular appropriations have not been passed.
Continuing resoluion
Characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all
The device used to record roll call votes in the house.
Electronic Voting machine
Legislation that has been pased by both houses of cong. signed by their presiding officers and sent to the prs for signature.
Enrolled bill
Union of grps or states in which ea. member agrees to give up some of its governmental powers in certain specified areas to central authority.
A meeting or session of a comm. of cong usu open to the public to obtain info and opinions on propsed legislation, conduct an investiagion or oversee a program.
The room in which the house of reps normally holds its sessions. the HOUSE CHAMBER is officially called the hall of the house.
House chamber
A procedure by which a specified # of voters may propse a statute, constitutional amendment, or ordinance, and compel a popular voted on its adoption.
A meeting of both houses of congress, in which aech chamber recesses to meet for an occasion or ceremony, usu in the house chamber.
Joint Meeting