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vindictive vs vindicate
vindictive - malicious, spiteful [full of spite]
punishments often are vindictive in nature
vindicate - clearing accusation
The lawyer tried to vindicate his client from the charges against him
affront vs effrontery
affront - offensive behavior
Turning the back on your king was considered as a deliberate affront.
effrontery - boldness
He had the effrontery to turn up at my doorstep at 2 am
imprudent vs impudent
imprudent - not prudent [not wise]
"very imprudent of her mother to encourage her in such silly romantic ideas";
impudent - disrepctful
The student was kept in for impudent behavior
impudent - bold
"an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"
ingenious vs ingenuous vs indigenous vs indigent
ingenious - genious, having sophistication
ingenuous - lacking sophistication, innocent
indigenous - native
indigent - poor
grudge vs grovel
grudge - resentment
Holding a grudge
grovel - submissive, [not ostentatious]
Artists are expected to grovel, aren't they ?
quiver vs quaver
quiver - shiver
The city quivered with music and excitement
quaver - noise
He squinted up at me, then spoke in a high, quavering voice.
graft vs grate
graft - organ implantation
Finally, she had a skin graft from her left leg to patch skin on near her left elbow.
grate - grinding or pulverizing [or the sound of making it]
- causing resentment
The injustice grated her
craving vs raving
craving - wanting [intense desire]
There may be certain times of day when smokers crave a cigarette.
- beg, ask
raving - talking or behaving irrationally
raving mad
gibe vs glib
gibe - contempt and derision
[The crowd gibed at the speaker]
glib - having no intellectual depth
[glib knowledge, glib reply]
connive vs contrive
connive - plot out something secretly [malicious],
Encourage or agree in criminal activities
contrive - devising a plan, come up with an idea
"They contrived to murder their boss"
garrulous vs gluttonous
garrulous - full of trivial conversation
"kept from her housework by garrulous neighbors"
gluttonous - excessive eating/drinking
a gluttonous appetite for food and praise and pleasure
emphatic vs empathy
emphatic - spoken with emphasis [force]

empathy - entering and understanding others
dawdle vs tawddle
dawdle - lag, slow
"Get busy--don't dawdle!"
twaddle - sily talk (non sense)
He was baffled by the intellectual twaddle.
gull vs guile
gull - hoax , deceive
"The immigrant was gulled because he trusted everyone"
guile - trickery
I love children's innocence and lack of guile.
swag vs swagger
swag - loot
"It will avail them to dispose of their swag"
swagger - acting arrogantly, or with a proud gait
"He swaggers around like a rooster in a hen house"
commiserate vs commensurate
commiserate - sympathize
commiserated over their failure.
commensurate - equal in money, propotionate
"pay should be commensurate with the time worked"
morose vs remorse
morose - ill humored
She was morose, pale and reticent.
remorse - feeling sad, regret, pentitence
He has shown no remorse for his actions.
entail vs entrails
entail - imply.
what does this move entail ?
entrail - intestines.
peasant vs pheasant
peasant - farmer, poor people

pheasant - game bird
ruse vs muse
ruse - deceptive maneuver
This was a ruse to divide them.
muse - think deeply
"The scientist must stop to observe and start to muse"
muss vs muse vs muck
muss - disarrange

muse - think deeply

muck - feces of animals
shortcoming vs misgiving
shortcoming - fault

misgiving - suspicion, qualm, delay
haul vs hurl
haul - drawing slowly
hurl - hurling stones. throwing stones.
epigram - witty saying
epigraph - inscription on a statue
epitaph - inscription on a tomb
epithet - descriptive word. ashoka the great
crave vs craven
crave - needing (lust, thirst)

craven - cowardly
"the craven fellow turned and ran";
contort vs contrite
contort - twist and turn in shape

contrite - apologetic
The judge was not moved by the contrite tears of the petitioner.
crouch vs grouch
crouch - walk with four legs

grouch - bad tempered person
exhort vs extort
exhort - force (praise) to do sth, encourage
"The crowd exhorted the demonstrating strikers"
extort - forcing the money out.
covert vs covet
covet - greedy
covert - secret
expletive vs expedite
expletive - curse [expletives from the book were deleted]
expedite - hasten (rash)
"This should expedite the process"
staunch vs stanch
staunch - firm
Staunch supporter
stanch - hold halt
"My anxiety is stanched; I am at peace"
quip vs quirk
quip - joke, remark
'He'll have to go on a diet,' Ballard quipped.
quirk - strange habit
the quirks and foibles of people in everyday situations
ranch vs raunch
ranch - cattle farm
a mink ranch.
raunch - lacking taste, lewdness
"Audiences are still astonished when she goes for the raunch"
savage vs sabotage vs savant vs savory
savage - cruel, wild
sabotage - destruction
savant - knowledgable scholar
savory - morally acceptable
will vs wile
wile - trick
will - persistent intent
rattle vs prattle
rattle - make successive sound,disturb
- rattling noise
- The news shouldnt rattle him.
prattle - speak about unimportant matters
southpaw vs dexter
southpaw - left handed
dexter - right handed
bellow vs bestow
bellow - shouting
He bellowed the information into the telephone.
bestow - providing
bestowed high praise on the winners.
sequester vs sequencer
sequester - seclude (sequestered himself for writing a book)
sequencer - chemical apparatus
lout vs flout vs clout
lout - stupid person
flout - contemptuous disregard
clout - influence [chairman's nephew has a lot of clout]
- i gave him a clout on the nose [blow]
askew vs eschew
askew - twisted or crooked
eschew - staying away from
demur vs demure
demur - object/delay [demuring the decision]
demure - shy/modest [politician playful in his intentions]
apposite vs opposite
apposite - very relavant
opposite - contradictory
complacent vs complaisant
Complacent - uncritically satified with yourself. e.g - We must not be complacent about our achievements; there is still a lot to be done.

Complaisant - ready to please; obliging.; willing to please others or to accept their behaviour without protest.
ambiguous vs ambivalent
Ambiguous = unclear, vague, unspecified, open to many interpretations
Ambivalent = torn between two sides; inability to make a choice due to the desire to do two conflicting things at the same time
emulate vs imitate
If you try to climb the same mountain your big brother did, you're emulating him; but if you copy his habit of sticking peas up his nose, you're just imitating him.
descry vs decry
descry - watch out for
decry - express disapproval
"We decry the racism in South Africa"
engender vs endanger
engender - give rise to
endanger - posing a threat
deprecation vs depreciation
- prayer to weed off evil
- disapproval
- belittle
extant and extent
extant - still in existence "extant manuscripts";
extent - level or degree
corroborate vs collaborate
corroborate- Establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
His story corroborated my doubts
collaborate - cooperate
endemic vs epidemic
endemic - affecting particular group of people
epidemic - affecting globally
dissemble vs disassemble
dissemble - "He dissembled his disappointment" [feign, pretending]
-- on edge
-- being tensed
-- impatient
"the government has done nothing to ease restrictions and manufacturers are growing restive"
protean - variable
"eyes...of that baffling protean grey which is never twice the same"
Tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length
"editing a prolix manuscript"
Tortuous -- full of plot twists
Not to be confused with torture
Obviate -- to make unnecessary
Not to be confused with obvious
- slow, dull
- tedious
- having mass and weight
Misapprehension - mistaken belief...... (Apprehension on GRE means feeling of worry or fear, other meaning for apprehension is understanding which is considered when considering the meaning of misapprehension)
1) courteous expression (showing respect)
2) hold back for later time
Confound - confuse
Fatuous - silly and pointless..... (adj form of noun fatuity which means foolishness)
Reproach - accuse of; express disapproval of or disappointment with.
Exorcise - drive an evil spirit from a person or place.
1) split separate
2) sticking fast to
cleaving to the principles
Invigoration - give strength.
Probity - honesty and decency.
Plaintive - sounding sad and mournful.
undulating support is one which is waving.
The singers voice undulated [moved from high to low]
communicable disease
trudge - walking weary
music (singer)
clothes which are showy
untoward, indecent
"language unbecoming to a lady"
exorbitant rent which is above moderation
"she needs the money expressly for her patients"
for specific purpose
She groped for the glasses in the darkness
fumble, search blindly
euphemism for stout
men are portly women are stout
Noble and generous in spirit
Big hearted
A state of extreme poverty
truancy (not attending) [donot confuse with hook attachment]
unwholesome or desperate condition
"what maladies afflict our nation?"
marshal (marshal the army - make it ready for use)
The police apprehended the criminals [take into custody]
braiding the bride [decorating]
Pisa tower is not plumb. [plumb - vertical]
prim, neat [ship is in proper shape]
ill-tempered, quarrelsome [Dont relate with ornament, jewellery]
(dont confuse with long) its pithy. [too often the significant episode deteriorates into sententious conversation]
complacent vs complaisant
complacent - critically self satisfied
complaisant - excessively obliging to gain sth
fervend vs fervid
both mean ardent
but fervid has -ve connotation
exalt vs exult
exalt - praise
exult - As the election results came in, her mood became exultant.
elicit vs illicit
elicit - draw a confession
She managed to elicit a confession out of her cheating husband.
illicit - unlawful
After his wife had thrown him out of the house, he got arrested for illicit drinking.
discrete vs discreet
“Discrete” means “separate”, while discreet means “careful and circumspect”. A finite number of discrete categories. You can rely on him to be discreet.
“Abjure” means “to renounce an oath” or “to abandon or abstain from”.
By contrast, adjure means “to command by exacting an oath” or, more commonly now, “to request earnestly”.
While “immoral” means “not conforming to accepted standards of morality”, “amoral” implies “not concerned with or ignorant of morality”. The client pays for the amoral expertise of the lawyer. The council judged the film to be immoral and obscene.
“Biannual” means “twice a year”. “Biennial” means “taking place every two years”.
“Bravado” means “ostentatious courage or boldness”, often concealing fear or reluctance, whereas “bravery” is a general word for “courageous action or character”. “Bravura” is a brilliant or showy style of playing music or of performance in some other field.
discrete vs discreet
“Discrete” means “separate”, while discreet means “careful and circumspect”. A finite number of discrete categories. You can rely on him to be discreet.
opposite of esoteric. its for common people
turbid vs turgid
“Turbid” means “opaque and cloudy”, and “turgid” means “swollen and overflowing”.
venal police officer - corrupt
venial - sin
Venal consulate officials have reportedly swindled untold thousands.
He made a venial mistake.
Sufficient research evidence exists to support this contention.
apprise vs appraise
apprise - inform
- gain in value
appraise - give a value
failure to act
mortage crisis occured because of defaulting by those who took the loan
vent vs dent
vent - a hole
dent - a depression in surface (lessening consequence)
forbear vs forsake
forbear - desist from, avoid
forsake - abandon
ordnance vs ordinance
ordnance - military supplies
ordinance - authoritative rule